Hi-point vs. Bigfoot

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    I was watching the show MonsterQuest on the history channel and they were investigating the "skunk ape" or the Bigfoot of the everglades. One man swears he was trying to trap it so he set up at some dumpsters and put food out for it, after falling asleep he hears a noise, and wakes up to see the thing staring at him. he levels his gun and takes a shot, he misses and hits a dumpster, and the "beast" runs away. The weapon he leveled at it in the re-enactment looked to me to be a C-9, it was definitely a Hi Point. I kinda thought this was a funny thing not to nock the hi point but if I was looking for something this big or dangerous I would want a .44 mag or at least a .357. If I had to take an auto it would have to have a very high capacity magazine. What do you guys think of as A hi point as a dangerous game gun? Personally my bear gun is a Ruger super black hawk and I load 300 grain XTP hollows very hot for that job.
  2. If it were something that I was unsure of, I would want a large caliber weapon like a shotgun or something. I sure would not want to wake up and see one starting at me and all I have is a small calliber pistol.

    Of course I would not have fallen asleep if I really believed something was there ;)

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    I wlways figured if 17 rounds of 9mm couldnt get the job done, i needed an automatic rifle, not a handgun.

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    Thats more than enough for unicorns, but remember folks: Werewolves need silver bullets. :lol:
  5. oh man, Beowolf beat me to it. i was totally going to post the same thing. it did look like a C9 to me too. if that was all i had against a bigfoot, i would take it over a pointed stick... i always hear pepper spary is more effective than a gunshot at stopping large animals.
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    i saw that show and i also noticed that he was using a hi point... for bigfoot defense or bear defense with an auto pistol i would feel alright with my .45 on my side but really i would be wishing it was something in 10mm

    you could always go the desert eagle route and pick up an atuo pistol in something magnum
  7. I met a guy in Cloudcroft New Mexico who was bow hunting for Elk tell me that he had a black bear pass 30 yards from his blind. I've carried my Desert Eagle in the mountains ever since.
  8. Yeah when you are dealing with an animal that no one is positive even exists, but all reporting are that it is huge, I dont care how many rounds of 9mm I have, I would be wishing for a bigger caliber. Much bigger.

    I think face to face with big foot, it would take a better man than me to remember the tap tap to the chest and one to the head LOL
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    Actually the leading authority on primates Jane Goodall believes they exsist so who am I or any skeptic to say otherwise.
    Here in Marietta Ohio I have seen bear twice a black cougar.
    A 44mag sidearm would be fine on anything North American, even a sasquach.
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    Sasquatch hunt anyone? :wink:
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    I'm in... but I'll just bring the 12 ga.
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    I only saw the trailer on the commercial. It was most definitely a Hi Point C9. My guess is that was the cheapest pistol the producers could get for the re-enactment. Movie people are not normally gun people.

    OTOH, maybe the cat did set up with a C9 and the producers were being accurate, but I find that unlikely.
  14. Reminds me of the guy in Jaws when he saw the shark go by the boat and it was longer than the boat.

    "We need a bigger boat!"
  15. Going after something as big as a bear, cougar, bull elk or big feral hog would require more than a 9mm if it were me in the woods. First choice would be a hard hitting rifle with a .44mag handgun as a last ditch kiss yer rear good by backup.

    I do carry my C9 as a sidearm when out woods walking or hunting, this is mainly for feral dog protection, smaller feral hogs or two legged vermin. If I ever get a chance to hunt in the mountain unit of SC I will replace the C9 with my Taurus 441 .44Special loaded with a hefty charge of Unique under a 240gr bullet just incase I run into one of the larger hogs or irate black bear we have up in the mountains.

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    When I go fishing [which isn't very often] I carry my 38 with holster and cartridge belt with 2 speedloaders and an assortment of shells lead.jhp, and snake rounds. I have 6 in the gun 12 in speedloaders and 20 on belt plus my knife so I am usually set for anything :D
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    im sorry but if im hunting big foot i better have a 12ga, a pistol just aint gonna cut it.
  18. Yep, with 3 inch slugs and 15 pellet 00 buckshot
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    The reenactment was done by the guy who it actualy happened to, so it was most likely his gun.
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    If that is the case, beo: we all utilize what we have at hand.