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  1. Just wanted to share my experience with Strassell (sp).

    I broke the counterweight on my 4595TS like a dummy, and also noticed I had a stretched hold open spring. Called Strassell, the nice lady that answered told my she could just send me a new part and took down my address. Really quick and easy.
    She asked me if there was anything else at which point I mentioned the stretched spring. She transferred me to a gentleman that builds the carbines. Told him what my concernes were and let me know that the springs were too stiff when they were installed so he stretched them to give them the proper tension.

    All in all this was the most satisfying warranty call I've ever placed, anywhere. Less than five minutes and it was all taken care of. I'm shocked, in a good way, that they (Hi Point) takes care of customers so well.
    The more I learn about these little carbines and the people that make/repair them, the more I like 'em!

    Well, all that being said, thanks for having me here. I plan on learning a lot from all of you!
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    Hi Points are the BEST kept secret in the gun industry!

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    Not so secret anymore. I was at the LGS/range last week and a couple of guys came in looking for HP's. Owner said he will start carrying them because of so many requests.
  4. When I picked up and opened the box on my 4595TS last year at the LGS, the employees there started gettin' giddy/psyched.I heard nothing but praises and how they all liked it,from their experiences.
    They were right.Its a keeper.
  5. Just got my package in the mail this afternoon! Quick shipping is nice, sending me two counterweights? That's just awesome! Strassell's is the best!