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    I recently bought a couple older Hi Point 9mm's from a family member, a older Stallard SJ-9 & a older C9, both in pretty rough shape. I called & ask about sending them in to be checked out & repaired, the C9 , I was told could be repaired, but the Stallard, they said they had very few parts for & I couldn't send it. I said I was under the assumption they had a lifetime warranty & would be replaced if it couldn't be repaired & I was told no, not on this one. I just packaged up the C9 & also wrote in the letter I enclosed about being refused service on the Stallard. Maybe I talked to the wrong person, hopefully, I'll get a reply.
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    Well technically a Stallard isn't a Hi-Point. They stopped making them before Hi-Point was officially formed.

    That aside, since Beemiller was sold there's been some changes. No longer servicing Stallards is one of them.

    Refinish it yourself. As far as springs, firing pin, etc., C-9 parts will work.

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    Changes that are not making people happy.
    I get stallards are not hi points, but they always fixed them before. Not covering replacement stocks ON hipoint carbines (now they charge $40 to fix a broken stock). ....shame the new owners are going to ruin a good thing. And give the HP haters a few bonus points as now we cant even fight back about thier once awesomecwarranty service.
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    I'm still a HAPPY Hi Point fan!
  5. Does the Stallard just look bad, or does it need some parts replaced? If there is something unique that you need, one of us may have it.

    I think Melvin wiped out the supply of spare Stallard parts. :rofl:

    there’s a lot of truth to this statement. But, in all fairness we don’t know how much $$ it was costing Beemiller to refurb old beat to heck guns that were being returned for free service; Mike Strassell probably doesn’t have as deep pockets as Tom Deeb – after all, Strassell just bought himself a small firearms business. :(