Hi Point Warranty?

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    I was in the LGS the other day and heard Hi Points warranty may not be as good anymore. Does Hi Point still have a good warranty?

    So far it looks like Hi Points wont be available in CA next year. I was going to get another C9 before the 1rst just incase, but if they're not going to fix it if it breaks....
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    HP no longer repairs or replaces the older alloy guns. They still honor the Lifetime, NO questions asked, Transferrable warranty on their newer Polymer hand guns & ALL the Carbines.
    Now let this be a lesson to you about anybody working in a LGS. They will say anything to persuade you to buy a $300 gun over a $149 gun? OR, they are just IGNORANT, and don't know what they are talking about? OR, they just move the lips to feel their butt move? OR?
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    The LGS wants to sell them. If Hi Point doesn't renew on CA handgun roster, then the LGS will only be able to sell them to LEOs in CA.
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    Good to hear warranty is still good though.
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    Buy a new HiPoint and you are gtg.
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    I'm not worried. I have nearly 70 relatives residing just one block from their office on North Dixie Highway. If they give me any trouble they will have to deal with all the zombies I will turn loose on them.
  7. Zombies? You mean like this thread?​
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    Yes, their warranty is better than good. Lifetime for the entire gun. Only questions asked have to do with helping them understand the problem so they can fix it to your satisfaction.

    For example, first time I took my new 995 out to shoot (approx. 3 months ago) it was FTFing. I called them, they said send it to them, I did, they replaced the shroud, slide, polished the chamber and ramp and gave me a new magazine to offset postage I had to pay, and sighted it in better than I had....no cost to me at all. They supplied test target, type of test ammo, and a summary of what they did. They did it in less than three weeks, round trip. What other gun manufacturer would do that? Oh, they said don't use Winchester White Box. Why don't you just call them? They're very nice people to talk with and they don't mind answering tons of questions. My 995 eats all ammo I've put in it now. It's a damned good gun AFAIC. Oh, I would get the hell out of California if I were you.....

    Your LGS is incompetent and not to be trusted, like many are. I find LGS's to commonly be staffed by gun snobs, idiots, and people with chips on their shoulders, not to mention the hot shot macho attitudes. Must be a gun shop thing.....
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    best customer satisfaction, sent my 995 back after it literally blew up , two weeks later it came back , and has been working great since. enclosed is a check list of what they did
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  10. I have had more trouble with Smith and Wesson concerning warranty issues sent my M&P 40 back for misfires came back the way it was sent, I repaired it myself, terrible communication with them hard to get answers. Hi Point a pleasure to deal with.
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