Hi-Points and the Pacific NW Weather

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    Greetings fellow Hi-Point fans, or even those of you just looking.

    I wanted to share a recent outing in the Pacific NW that contains the weather we are most famous for. Rain, wind and more rain. It was truly glorious!

    On deck and in the rain were 2 - .45 JHP's, a CF380 and a 4595 Carbine with 12 extra magazines. Ammo was a mixture of ball and some hollow points. The range was Douglas Fir, stumps, assorted green vegetation and Tannerite. If you don't know what that is watch Sons of Guns or ... can't remember the other one but you'll get the idea.

    Absolutely no problems were experienced with any of the firearms, even when one of the .45 JHP's took a mud bath. A quick field cleaning and it performed as before. About 500 rounds were expended all told and let me tell you, severe weather is not a problem with a Hi-Point.

    Explosions are cool, even in pouring rain but it kept the danger of causing a forest fire to almost nil. Remember, the Governor in Colorado is publicly blaming target shooters for the recent fires in Colorado Springs and even though all the evidence is not in, making sure of where and what you shoot helps us all and keeps Smokey Bear happy!

    If you find yourself in a severe weather situation and need to bring your firearm into play, it had better be a Hi-Point! They will perform as needed and you'll be able to go home where it's warm and dry and clean your weapon.

    Keep it safe all!
    "Remember to always look up so you won't fall down"
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    Hey, that was a good report, thanks. I wish we had some of that rain here in Indiana though, we could use it. They are cancelling the personal fireworks around here.:mad:

  3. Just don't leave your hipoint on the dash of a truck on a hot day. A friend of mine killed 2 nice hipoints by leaving them on the dash. He didn't send the guns in so I can't say if hipoint called it negligence.
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    So nobody repeats the same mistakes your friend made, HiPoint, can you please tell us:
    What exactly happened to the two nice Hipoints your friend left on a dashboard?
    Were these both left on the same dashboard at the same time, or were they two seperate instances?
    What does "killed" mean? By that question I mean, were they permanently mechanically inoperable? If so, how?
    Was your friend aware of Hi-Point's warranty, or did he not choose to utilize it?
    Why did your friend leave firearms on the dashboard of a vehicle?
    I am asking because if I, or any Hi-Point owners here encounter any situations similar to you friend's, we can be fore-warned, and take necessary precautions.
    Thanks in advance,
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    It would be interesting to know how many Hi Point guns were repaired due to gun malfunction, and how many were due to shooter malfunction.
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    I think that would be rather difficult to figure out... From my experience, people who are guilty of shooter error RARELY if ever own up to what they have done.. Claiming they have ONLY shot factory loads in their guns when in fact they have been shooting +P loads in a 50 year old revolver... or maybe trying to get as much velocity as possible out of a 9mm with reloads and not paying close attention to over pressure signs and the gun falls apart...
  7. The polymer lost it's shape. One gun literally split in two. The other had large gaps in the seams rendering it unusable. My friend passed away shortly after this happened. From what I heard the weapons were thrown away by his family. They didn't trust the carbine due to the frame breaking several times. People do stupid stuff in emotional situations. I would have sent the guns in for repair and sold them if I didn't like them.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't believe it. The softening point of Nylon 6 (used in Glock) is 190 C (374 F). The only way to reach that temperature in a car is if it's on fire. Hi Point's may not use Nylon 6, but it's something nearly equivalent.
  9. If you don't believe it put your Hi Point on the dash of an old farm truck with the windows rolled up and see for yourself. Unless Hi Point has changed their polymer you won't like what happens after a few months. I agree it didn't happen in a day but over time it will warp. I saw it with my own eyes!
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    Just to be clear, the original warning was not to leave a Hi-Point on the dash of a truck on "A" hot day (emphasis added); then the damage was said to have occurred over a few months?
    I just want to be sure I'm understanding this clearly.
  11. sj1, you are correct it took months, maybe years for the damage to happen but it did happen. I would say if your Hi Point is behind the seat or in the trunk it will be just fine. My friend was lucky enough to live in an area of VA were still today no one locks their doors. Some people don't even bother to take the keys out of their cars at home. So he thought nothing about riding around with a gun on the dash.
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    First, let me say, I'm sorry about your friend's passing.
    Again, I apologize, but I'm still not clear on this issue.
    The first warning about leaving Hi-Points on a dashboard was about "a" hot day.
    The next was "months".
    Then it was "months, maybe years".

    I am also curious about a carbine's frame breaking several times.
    How many times did this frame break, and was it ever repaired or replaced, before the gun was thrown away?
    If you don't know, I understand. They weren't your guns, and it was a stressful time.
    If your friend had more than one Hi-Point, and never needed to lock his doors, he sounds like he was a good guy with good friends. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
  13. I am not going to get into nit picking contest with you. You have and like you Hi Point. I own one too. We both like them. Neither of us is likely to put the weapon in similar situation.
  14. Sorry for you loss HiPoint, but I am glad you posted this because I just purchased a C9 three weeks ago and really like, nice shooter. I got it for a backup gun. I have a car vault that cabled to rear seat frame and sits on the rear floor board. I do remove it at night. It's suppose to get 95 today in Ohio and I was concerned for it. From what I hear I will be just fine. Good news. Thanks again for your info.
  15. Don't be hating on the rain in the Northwest. I grew up in Washington State (seattle area) and all the time people complained about the rain and then when i moved to Tennessee all I want is rain now. The humidity is bad here and if it would just rain more it would be more enjoyable.