hi-points in twin cities

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  1. kanderson586

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    just curious how popular they are with my fellow citizens. i am in ne minneapolis.
  2. NE Minnehopeless, you'll need two just for the car. :lol: I'm just north of the loop.

  3. kanderson586

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    anywhere around here to shoot longer distance than Bills in robbinsdale?
  4. Your neck of the woods?

    There's Bill's in Lexington, Metro Gun Club (Trap) and Bald Eagle in Hugo (100 yrd outdoor)
  5. kanderson586

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    thanks, hugo is not far, i don't know where lexington is.
  6. 35W North to Lake. Its one exit past Co Rd J
  7. glad to see other people from the metro here! whos going to the show on the 15th and 16th? its gonna be a big one :)
  8. Sago

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    Shooting ranges in that area are few and far between I grew up in NE MPLS

    Am now outside Rochester MN.
    Shoot at a 200' range near by.
    Bought a hipoint for my son. Had so much fun with it I now have one.
    He does not yet appreciate the recoil of the hi power shooting club I am in.
  9. Kagern

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    I'm up near Isanti.

    If you need a long range club, there is Gopher Rifle & Revolver near North Branch. They have a 1000yd range and run NRA High-Power events. They do have some pretty steep membership requirements though.

    Colo: Aye, the coliseum show is gonna crazy based on what I heard at the last MN Weapons Collectors show. It was really slow, and a bunch of the vendors were saying that it was because people were saving money for the coli since they moved the trophy collection show.
  10. Would love to go, need a few more spam cans, but the state seems to think I own it money :x