Previewed this year at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Great American Outdoor Show, and the NRA Show in Nashville, MKS is now shipping a range of 10 different camouflage-printed handguns in all of their calibers.
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These new hydrographics used on their grips, slides and guns come from a process that is called a lot of things to include (per Wiki) immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping or cubic printing. Basically, it takes a 3D object (let us say a gun) and allows a polyvinyl alcohol film that is impregnated with a design on it to wrap around it. Once the film applies the floating ink layer bonds to the material and, once dry, is pretty much on there for good. Subsequent clear coats can ensure that.

First advertised at the SHOT Show in January, Hi Point had a few display guns at their booth that had been coated through immersion printing.

At the time they said, "Shipping soon to dealers our line of hydro dipped grips. Looking to add some character to your Hi-Point pistol? Check out the patterns, carbon fiber, digital desert, woodland, snake skin and country girl. Look to see them around $15.00 to $18.00. As for the colored slides that is still TBA."

This followed an appearance this month at the Great American Outdoor Show in which they had even more designs on display

On their social media account the company wrote, "We have the hydro dipped on display but the targeted release is this summer. We do have the hydro dipped grips, and mags for sale. So swing by today or tomorrow."

The final offering

Currently the company is producing handguns in their standard black coating that dates back to the 90s and at this point should be considered "classic" as well as three camo schemes.

-Digital desert tan
-Pink and black (called Country Girl back at SHOT)

The carbon fiber and snakeskin patterns shown earlier this year apparently either have not (or won't) translate into production.

The larger caliber guns (C9, JHP40, and JHP45) come in all three patterns.

MSRP Price comparisons are as follows and generally show a $40 markup.

Font Camouflage Wood Pattern Electric blue

-JHP45 $199 black, $239 camo

Arm Sleeve Purple Tie Violet

-JHP40 $199 black, $239 camo

Rectangle Bag Font Eyewear Triangle

-C9 $189 black, $229 camo

Glasses Hand Shoe Arm Leg

The C380, is only offered in the pink scheme for $188, a $37 markup from its current retail.

And of course, there are camo offerings for their carbine series as well.