Hi-Point's powder coat finish

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  1. GoVols

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    Can anyone tell me how your powder coat finish is holding up? I was not familiar with this type of finish b-4 buying my .380.

    Does is chip easily..has anyone had to send it back to the factory for touch up work...or replacement.

  2. I got my C9 NIB in March 06 and have over 1500rds thru the pistol, the finish on my pistol still looks new. If you drop the pistol on hard surfaces, or drag it with a rope, then you may chip and wear the finish, but under normal use and cleaning it holds up really well.

    In the event you do get a chip or two just use some flat black touch up paint and it will be good to go. Cant see sending a gun back just because it has a chip or two in the finish, but thats just me.


  3. Ari

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    it does do pretty good. I like the finish, it should be used in more places in the firearms industry.