hi-ponts at Gun show in Dallas today

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  1. 9mm carbine new $169-209 w box and papers, two had nice scopes. Used 9mm carbines and I loved this, very used, $229-259, no box, no papers, showing a lot of wear and tear.
    Several dealers had all the Hi-point pistols on display on the nice white box's. One had plastic Hi-point pistol cases with his for the same price as the white boxed pistols. This show had the most HI-points on hand of any I have been to. It was great to actually see and handle them side by side.
  2. yea there was a gun show today in watervill maine as well, the cheapest 995 i found (and got) was 225 new with comp., laser and sling, like 4 tables down another guy was selling a used VARY torn up and rusted 4095 for 255 and a used 995 with a $hity red dot for 279...

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    ouch! Around this neck fo the woods most NIB pistols sell for under 200$ and carbines NIB for around 225-250$

  4. Looks like those that are in the business want to stay popular with their customers and the junk dealers still try to find the got to have it now's.
    We have a large distributor in our area that marks their pistols $50 over MSRP. don't know about the carbines. I know I won't be buying any thing from them.