Hi-Standard Model 1911

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  1. HPHooked

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    Was down at the local gun store and they had one of these in the case. Anyone ever hear anything about these? I know Hi-Standard makes/made great quality .22 pistols. I've just never heard anything about them making a 1911 clone.

    Anyone know anything about this? :?: :?: :?: :roll:
  2. uncle jerky

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    Not the same,but I owned one of their AR 15 rifles.It was a good gun. The company has a long, reputable history,so that means something. Good luck.

  3. Ari

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    I have seen one and held it... The Springfield and the Rock Island look better fit and finish to me.
  4. HPHooked

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    Looked at this again the other day. The fit and finish on it was just as good as the Springfield and RIA. Still thinking about adding a 1911 but not sure as to which one. :twisted:
  5. Ari

    Ari Guest

    If you can see the sights on the RIA GI it is really hard to beat for the money. The front bushing on the ones I have just seen look like a custom fit bushing but I know they are not. The frame to slide fit was tight and the feed ramp was polished. The whole barrel lock up was nice and tight.
  6. Have 1911 A-1 Springfield GI Parkerized. 45 acp. LOVE it. shoot 185gr Remmington umc. does not jam with this ammo. I did junk the original mag for , Wilson combat 8 round single stack mag. Also Kimber 8 round mag. Life time guarantee. If you have a problem you send it to Springfield they will make it right, then they will send it back to you at your home. Do not know about High standard guarentee. they use these alot over sease. Have been shooting combat 45acp for 40 years Just love The Springfield, cost brand new from Gander Mountin was 530.00 . All steel. They make a ton of custom parts for 1911. so look around first, you will find alot of 45acp out there. Colt is good but you will surely pay the price for tho name.