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    I work for the SC Department of Corrections as a training lieutenant. Firearms requalification (revolver and shotgun) is part of my duties. I inherited my brother's C9 after his passing, and was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed. That was my introduction. Hoping to learn a lot here.
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    If you ever have big problems with it just remember the lifetime warranty transfers to you. I had a magazine problem with my 380 and they shipped me one. Took 5 days and I didn't have to send them anything. As with any customer service situation your mileage may vary. I did a dumb thing on my 40 and bent the firing pin some. They sent me the pin, roll pin, new springs all with only a phone call. Some very few have a hard time but my service has been great and both pistols work quite reliably. Gone well over 700rds each pistol now.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    .45 JHP owner from Florida here.
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    I bought a JC from the local pawn shop, but it turned out to have some issues. I called, sent it in. They told me that it would take a while, things being what they presently are, but they'd handle it. I figure they'll either fix it or replace it, so I'll be good either way.

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    NE Utah
    I like those old alloy pistols. Nothing makes a Hi Point better, than making it heavier and adding a heel release.:D
    I have a Stallard, a JC and a JH. They shoot straight.

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  6. Welcome..im new here too.. HP customer service is second to none. I had some troubles with my C9, sent it in, and it now runs as good as my higher end guns.
  7. One of my coworkers is from South Carolina. I like the State. I read over 400 land engagements (battles and skirmishes) took place in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Swamp Fox (Francis Marion) is also buried there.

    I love shotguns and power they possess but I rarely shoot them now. It's because I have been too busy with .30 to .40 caliber long guns in the last decade.

    Welcome to the forums.