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  1. Hi, Im new. I got a 995 9mm.

    Right now Im running iron sights and just put on the ATI stock, having problems chambering....still fun to shoot though.

    It is EXTREMELY accurate, I can pick off beer bottle caps at 25yards all day.

    so uh....yeah, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
  2. Hi Maaso, you got a nice carbine there, ask around and there are others that have the ATI stocks and may be able to help you with the chambering issue


  3. I had to grind a little off the rear cover because my receiver was rubbing on it and that seemed tohelp. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Marlin 60, 995, Mossburg 500 20-12 S&W Sigma 9mm
  4. Ive been doing alot of searchs on the site, and Im thinking its the rear cover thingy that covers the recoil buffer. I did ALOT of filing to get the cover right (still not sure its right, the bolts go in easy though). And it chambered fine by hand. Then I put that rear cover on and went about my business. And thats when I noticed the troubles.

    Im at work....Ill chime in later when I got more time.

    Nice to meet you kind of by the way
  5. Welcome! You will love the 995,i have a 4095 and it shoots great.The cover on mine has had a file run through it to get it to clear also.
    Good Luck!
  6. hey there, welcome to the fold!
  7. Welcome to the forum.

    Good luck with the ATI.
  8. Hi Maaso, Glad you're loving the 995 . I kept the factory stock on mine, never had a bit of trouble with the 995! Welcome, you'll find a great bunch of guys here with tons of great information.
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    Welcome!! The 995 is an EXCELLENT intro to the Hi-Point line, and you're going to find that it's going to be one of the favourites in your collection.

    As for the ATI, I never did like them. Not for any mechanical issues, but I simply don't like the look. I'm one of those weirdos who actually LIKES the factory stock (the Star Wars-esque carbine blaster look is what attracted me to it). But, if you do have any issues fitting it to the weapon, just ask around! You'll find a wealth of knowledge on here regarding the ATI conversion, as well as many who have put thousands of rounds past theirs.
  10. Welcome to the forum. This is a great site.
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    Welcome aboard.

    Post pics!
  12. Welcome to the HPFF and congrats on the 995.

    I kept the factory stock on my 995 and have been very pleased with it. Like neo, I also prefer the factory stock over the ATI. As for your ATI stock issues search the carbine section, lot of tips and tricks on getting the stock fitted properly.

    This may be some help....

  13. Where do I grind off on the rear cover peice?
  14. Hello and welcome to the board.
  15. nice to have ou on board
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    Star wars blaster look... wow. Never thought of it like that, but I agree.

    I like the factory stock too, or as I like to call it, the stock stock.
  17. Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I think I got 'er fingered out.....spent some time filing on the rear cover. I can easily cycle it by hand, its smoother than I remember it being.

    I wont know for sure though until I get it out on the field, its colder than balls outside though. Ill do some testing when the snows gone.