Hickock45 shoots the 995ts

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ichthyo, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. ichthyo

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    Hickok45 shoots the 995ts

    Check out his review.
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  2. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    Since you didn't post the video.....

  3. moona11

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    Did he not read the manual or know how to use the tool? He was at least not such an Ass. And he liked it better.
  4. brace yourselves for **** show #2
  5. Dragonbreath

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    At least he realized that most Hi Point problems are caused by the magazines.
  6. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Well he liked it......guess we escaped the end of the world....again...
  7. "i'm not sure i can hit anything with it..."

  8. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    He mentioned he planned on doing the carbine review before the C9 but he changed his mind.

    Last thing I want to say about it:

    If you can hit a gong at 100+ yards with 8 out of 9 shots with a 9mm with iron sights you've got a good shooting gun.
  9. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    In the comment section, someone takes him to task for not using the tool. He replies thusly, "I usually do not open the packages of tools and such with these guns that go back for auction unless I really need to. I probably should have on this one."

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. Think1st

    Think1st Supporting Member

    We have not escaped the end of the world. Given the comments about Hickock45 no longer being a reliable source of information, following his C9 review, the very fact that he actually like the 995TS means that all 995TS owners must now get rid of their carbines. If he said he liked it, then there must be something wrong with it.

    It's either that, or 995TS owners are all now gun snobs, too.:p
  11. wizard

    wizard Well-Known Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one since its the carbine version. Will look at it later on tonight.

    I was a little hard on the guy. He knows his stuff of course.
  12. moona11

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    No they are just wusses for not shooting the 4595 ;-)
  13. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    I don't think he hit the gong any, but it's out at 80 yards, the red plates are 70~75 yards out.
  14. a fair review. But he never does seem excited about the hi-points. remember he IS spoiled. If you could shoot ANY gun you wanted any time you wanted you would lean towards more expensive higher quality materials as well(excluding Melvin). Thus it makes sense that he is never really excited to shoot one. It is a gun for fun/ defense on a budget. People like me who can't afford an AR-15
  15. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    While they aren't there yet, there are a couple ARs out there that's close to the price of the HP carbines
  16. I generally agree with you, But that is a massive plate at 80yds.

    so yes the hi-point can certainly shoot okay at 100 yards.

    the pistol rounds certainly won't be grouping like a rifle round will.
  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Ummm...he rang it with most of a mag...I think it was the second mag he emptied. Did you not watch the video?:confused:

    It's funny that he is SOOOO worried about it not lasting "lots of rounds"...firstly, Mom will fix it if you wear it out, and secondly...its $250-$300, use it up, buy another, quit whining!
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  18. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    I did watch it, but since he went after the red plates more often, I forgot if he did or not.
  19. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    And why would he be excited about a HiPoint? He shoots everything under the sun.
    He did say he liked it and that's ok by me.
  20. doginstine386

    doginstine386 Member

    He did make a good point that the weapon was designed around the time of the "Assault Weapon" ban. The limit of a 10 round mag was in effect at this time so that would explane why the 10 round limit on the Highpoint.