High Cap. Mag.

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  1. (Hope I'm in the right Post) GM, I believe it was you who said awhile back ago to stay away from High Cap. Mags. Can you please explain why?
    We are speaking here Hi-Points, prefferbly (did I spell it right?) 9's.
    Thank you,
  2. The only source for hicap HiPoint mags is from ProMag and most of their products simply do not work properly.

  3. YES, it was Pro Mag I saw that had them. So, basically all it is, is a mag. that holds more rounds?
    And......they do not work properly.
    Thnx for the feedback!
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    Any other sources for additional mags?
    Thinking about using my HP in the next steel challenge shoot, just for grins as no one else has the balls to do it. :D
  5. AFAIK there are only the ProMags and factory mags.

    Promag is nice people to deal with, I exchanged 2 of the 15 rd 995 round mags and the lady was very nice and they payed for shipping both ways and there was no hassle at all, but then the new mags did not work either.