High Capacity 995 Magazines/ mag Extensions YOUR OPINION???

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Daytonafreakboy, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. picked up my hi-point 995 yesterday afternoon , and i am thrilled with it!


    i like the SAS 'double tap' style of combat shooting, and these little 10 rounders run dry pretty quickly when shooting 2-3 round burst.

    some of you may have read my first couple of post, and already know that i have some metal fabrication experience and abilty...

    what kind of demand do you guys think there would be for a magazine extension deisgned to bump up the capacity of a factory hi point mag to 18 rounds?

    what would be a fair price?

    would anybody here be interested?

    ( yep, there would be a members discount )

    adding 8 rounds to the capacity of the magazine would extend the factory mag by aproximately 4 to 4.25 inches at the longest point of measure.

    i could make 50 round mag extensions, i just think that the 18+ extension perfectly compliments the riffles design.. what do you guys think?

    have a look..


    the drawings are crude , but the dimensions and proportions are very nearly dead on

    could be used with either the ATI stock , or factory stock configuration.

    the factory stock looks akwards and unbalanced to me with an extended magazine - but with a tactical front grip mounted, the gun looks like it could have just left the factory looking like that..
    to me , it looks super 'effin sweet !

    the ATI looks fine with the extended mag, either with or without the tactical front grip..

    but remember - thats coming from somebody who likes the factory stock better than the ATI :shock:

    for anybody who is wondering.. the factory mag would be used for locking the clip into the gun and feeding ammo into the chamber, im talking about factory reliability with just more ammo to burn before having to swap out for another clip

    also, im going to use 16 to 18 gauge sheet metal for the bodies of the mag extensions, and have them sleeved over the joint where the two clips are mated. this design is complete overkill, but the mags will stand up to any incidental contact they might see while in service..

    just interested to hear the reactions of people who have more experience with these fine little carbines than i do..

    thanks for taking the time to read my post!

  2. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    Allen, if it's a dependable clip I think there is definitely a market for them. $25 each easy.

  3. Bandit320

    Bandit320 Member

    I'd buy a couple.

  4. I'd like to see them at $25, but I suspect that the market would bear $30, if reliable. As for 50+ single-stack mags, are we shooting the BGs, or trying to trip them (or ourselves) :D
  5. A lot of us are always interested in dependable ways to put more bullets into the carbines.

    Do you think you would be interested in doing the same for the 4095? We are the poor red headed stepchildren that no one ever think about :)
  6. rodka

    rodka Member

    :lol: :lol:

    funny but its true no one ever mods the 4095 what gives?
  7. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    sounds pretty good to me.. think one of the biggest problems is keeping it rigid.. the factory mags feel cheap and flimsy to me.

    while you're at it if someone could work out some metal bases for the mags, the floor plates are cheap and cheesy feeling on the factory mags.

    capacity is definitely the short end of the stick on hi-points.

    oh as far as price im a cheap skate that does'nt like to pay more then 20bucks for mags.. but if you make a reliable hi-cap mag i promise to buy at least 1 of them @ 25bucks.
  8. ronnie

    ronnie Guest

    i would like to have a couple between 18-30 rounds depending on reliablity and price. Something like this would motivate me on to get a 995. Would you make these for the .45 if and when it ever comes out?
  9. 18 rounds I'd only pay $15 for... 50+ rounds I'd def be willing to put out over 30. The thing is, be warned: many have tried, many have failed. Not saying you won't succeed, just letting you know it's gonna be an uphill battle :).
  10. Hell, I can get 10 rounds for $17 from HP; so 18 rounds for $15 is hardly an incentive to invention. Moreover, 18 for $25 is less per round, so that's still a bargain when you factor in the mag change effort.

    If you can figure out how to feed a lower double-stack into an upper single, capacities greater than, say 25 or 30 may be attractive. However, if it's single stack all the way down, I'm probably not interested in anything bigger than 20 (or, 18 as you suggest).
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    Part of it is there is all sorts of existing 9mm designs laying around the surplus market to dink with. there is zilch in 40 S&W for hi caps other than pistol mags.

  12. Lex

    Lex Guest

    I would purchase at least 2 reliable ones.
  13. Same here, at least two if the work well. I dont know if I'd want to buy the first few though. I'd want to see the feedback first.
  14. Glennfrank

    Glennfrank Member

    I'd be in for 2 or 3 at $25. Maybe more (my nephew and gf also have a 995)
  15. If they function properly and reliably I would have no use to buy factory mags I would only buy Hi Caps. I would be down for at least 5 right off the bat.

    I would keep getting them at my leasure after that.
  16. mags..

    what a great response, thanks for the feedback fellas :D

    just want to make sure im being 100% crystal clear here..

    for this first effort im going to fabricate 18+ capacity mags using a magazine extension coupled to the factory ten rounder

    there is no doubt in my mind that this will be the most practical approach, in regards to time and effort, and with the resulting product almost certain to be as reliable as the factory magazine, without the time and expense of trial and error.

    to expedite things even more, i may make the initial extended mags by using factory clips as donors to make the actual extensions from. i could braze the two springs together and be knocking out high cap mags comparable to the quality of factory magazines by the end of next week

    the trouble and cost of setting up to make custom magazines from scratch may prove to be too involved and expensive to be cost effective. extended factory magazines may prove to be the only practical option..

    for you .40 caliber guys.. keep in touch, if all goes well with the 9mm extended mags , id be happy to help you guys do something similar. been thinking about getting a 40 cal hi point for myself, we like to hunt wild hogs ( we use catch dogs and a 357 pistol right now)


    now.. about producing custom high capacity mags from scratch

    (uhh oh, my "rambling monologue " spidey sense is going off)


    i think i should bring up what goes into knocking out even a small production run ( say 20 - 30 at a time ) of somethingthat has different componants and, worse still, that has moving parts..

    while i have done some pretty intricate fabrication with sheet metal , i have never formed feeding lips of a new production magazine.. ask the experts down at promag how easy it is to produce reliable magazines for the hi point 995 completely from scratch :evil:

    the learning curve that im certain would be involved with that aspect of construction means that this endeavor is going to be left on the drawing board for the present moment.. probably until the slow season for my businesses hits again sometime between september-november this upcoming fall.. its just now picking up for us, and we should be slammed in another 4- 6 weeks.

    meanwhile , i will deffinately tinker on the two biggest task involved with getting set up to fabricate high quality mags completely from scratch for my own personal use..

    - making templates for the body of the mag (which includes the basic pattern for the feeding lips)

    - constructing a fixture for making perfect boxes / bends in the sheet metal (which will ensure all the mags are perfectly uniform in shape and dimensions)

    the magazines i make completely from scratch will utilize much stouter sheet metal, and i will machine my end caps from aluminun alloy.

    no sense in going through all this trouble unless im going to knock out top quality, well made stuff that im proud of showing off..

    for me , half the fun of doing something like this is the whole pride factor :D

    if there are any hang ups or other problems , i would scrap the whole project indeffinately until i found solutions that completely resolved any issues.. and i would vigorously test the mags by putting rounds through them in my 995 ( great excuse to the wife for burning lots of bullets, im already getting excited about this project!!)

    in fact , if i ever decided to make a short production run of these for offering to other folks, i would stamp numbers on the clips and warranty them against defects or malfunction for life. so you can imagine that i would have to be extremely confident in my mags to even consider selling them..

    this warranty would be non-transferrable, intended to protect the original purchaser and give them some peace of mind about their purchase. i think this is a nice touch , especially as the fire arms themselves are warrantied for life..

    the custom motorcycle gas tanks and hotrod parts we make are guaranteed for life this same way.. parts are all individually numbered, with the purchaser filling out an information contact sheet that we keep on file

    with a heavy duty template and specialized fixture to speed production and guarantee integrity of the base components.. there is the obvious overhead; cost of materials, and the time needed for assembly.

    but in all reality, i really think that cost is going to boil down to two things.. assembly time, and how much time and effort is needed to tune a magazine until it feeds perfectly - then putting it through the paces neccesary to be 100% confident that it feeds ammo and performs top notch before it got shipped off..

    tuning those magazines may prove to be the one factor that makes offering these magazines for sale outside of my immediate friends and family cost prohibitive.

    people who are used to living in a world market where everything is made in china by people who earn 12 cents an hour will usually balk at paying for the cost of American craftsmanship.

    and i include myself in that group..

    why do you think i started making things myself ? :lol:

    as always , really appreciate any comments and feedback

    thanks for tuning in ! :lol:

    later fellas.. Allen
  17. Allen,

    I would be willing to help in any aspect of this! I shoot alot would be willing to test, help fit, fab, whatever you need. I will even offer up a couple of my factory mags to the cause.

    I am a certified armorer with the US Army as well. If there is anything at all you would need a hand with I am more than willing to give a helping hand if it is needed......

    I also have a Promag that has been cut down to fit the ATI stock. Still have not got it to cycle reliably yet. Have got all 15 out of it with out issue but it is hit or miss....... this is a genuine offer and I expect nothing in return. I just want to get a Hi Cap that accually works for all of us fine guys and gals at HPFF
  18. baileydale

    baileydale Guest

    Put me down for at least two 18 rounders at $25 each !!!
  19. like minded people..


    i appreciate the offer

    the going always seems easier ( and more fun!) when working on projects like this if it becomes a collaboration with other like minded people..

    just wondering if you have ever heard of or seen a double stack magazine that tapered into a single stack configuration where it feed ammunition into the weapon? :wink:

    i have some information and ideas i would like to share with you off the boards.. not sure if our conversation would hold peoples interest, and im hoping to keep people participating on this thread as much as possible


    if you guys really want to see some extra capacity magazine as a viable option for your carbines - stay with the thread here! and help keep it going strong by contributing some ideas, opinions and feedback!

    there.. something to be said for being subtle when trying to get a point across, right? :lol:

    anyhow! please get in touch with me at DaytonaFreakBoy@hotmail.com sometime when you have a chance. would really like to continue our discussion via email, address some technical points on actual production methods that maybe you would be familliar with?

    anyway , the fact that you have more experience with these particular carbines and , im guessing, are freinds with people here.. we might be able to help each other

    quick FYI here, im not going to offer to do any mods for other people until i have done some for myself , and have done a competant job of it.

    once i have some functioning high capacity extended mags, i would be interested in picking up some of the magazines you mentioned and putting together something for you to test out and offer the people on here your assesment of what the results were for you..

    i had started a thread under the trading section , trying to pick up a few factory mags, and especially the goosed promag clips that jam constantly..

    would really like to get my hands on some junk promag clips that people are never going to use anyway , and see what i can do to salvage some practical use from them.

    anyhow , thanks for taking the time to reply here..

    looking forward to hearing from you via email , Allen