High capacity magazine ban overturned

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    Please noooo....
    Not like a GLUNK :rotfl:
  2. I love how the Judge over turned the full capacity magazine ban on California citizens but they still cannot legally buy these magazines or have them shipped into the State. It has almost been two months since the ruling. Typical California making everything illegal that takes power away from the politicians and unions there.

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    I'm moving to Texas...
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    Till she remembers your face.
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    Gonna raise the IQ of both States by 50 points.


  6. WOW! That was the best backhanded compliment I've seen in a long time!
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    You give CO too much credit, old Phart
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    Is there a company where I can by a 30 round clip for a jemenez 9mm?
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  10. As far as I know, there aren't any aftermarket magazine manufacturers for the Jimenez Nine.
    As Kirk mentioned in his post, we did have a thread where someone posted a video showing what appeared to be a home-ground solution. You might consider reaching out to Joe's Pawn Shop (link: https://joespawnshop.net/Jennings-Magazines_c134.htm) and see if they would consider making something. Joe's has a lot of increased capacity magazines for sale - just none for the Bryco, Jennings, or Jimenez Nine.
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    NE Utah
    That's because it's a sad thing to wear out a recoil spring after shooting only three mags.
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    Why not buy a a non-turd gun that you can buy an off the shelf 30+rd mag for? The Jennings might break before you finish the first mag :stir: :p
  13. Gun snobbery on a Hi-Point forum is a such a sad thing to see.
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    Stating facts. If the mag even functions you get 1 for how much $? And the frames on those pistols crack frequently? I can't remember. Don't care. Beretta, maybe M&P, of course those silly Glocks have off the shelf mags.

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