High Capacity Mags

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  1. On the downside: these are almost certainly the ProMag 15-rounders, which have a horrible reputation.

    On the upside: the price is lower than any I've seen recently.

    With work and care, you can apparently get these to function reliably, and with the discount price, you may be able, if you're handy, to get your money's worth.

    Choose wisely, and if you have luck, let us know!

  2. If anyone has one of these can they please post a pic of what it looks like in the gun Thanks
  3. From what I've seen the hi-cap mags are designed for the 995's, and not for the C9. I'm sure it'll probably still fit, but just something to be aware of. I know that Hi Point says that although the magazines are interchangable between the 995 and the C9, it isn't suggested.

    Just my 2 cents...
  4. I made the mistake of putting a Pro Mag 15 rd mag for the 995 in my C9, it fit in fine, but when I went to take it out it was stuck and I had to do all sorts of wiggling and pushing before it finally came out.

    Wont make that mistake again
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    Long story short. If the mag is not, and that is NOT made by HiPoint, don't mess with it. Same goes for Bersa/FireStorm. No body makes good after market magz for these guns but the factory magz work great.
    Don't mess with success.