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    I know that for self defense a high capacity mag isn't likely to be needed, but for plinking it would be so much fun. Now that its legal to resume production of high capacity mags i would like to see at least a 12 rounder for the c9. After all glock makes a 30 round mag why can't hi point?
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    Hi Point has stated they have no intention of making anything over 10.

    promags are junk.

    someone had progress w/ modifying a suomi drum but that was aborted due to complications.

    Ive been contemplating trying to heat the frame and re-shape it to fit a double stack but i dont want to ruin my gun.


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    No need for high cap mags. 10 rounders are long enough anything else is too long to shoot comfortably with. I have tried the 33 rnd on a Glock and I didn't like it too long and very tiring to shoot that many rounds
  4. I agree that a hi-cap mag would be GREAT, but unfortunately we're just [​IMG]
  5. I agree, 10 rounds are enough. If you can't hit what you need to in 10 rounds, you need to spend more time at the range. 8)
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    thats a shame, for the pistol i dont mind but for the carbines at least 15 rounds.. really 20 would be nice..

    someone posted what a bullpup design would be like on the carbines.. it looked pretty sharp.
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    Get a Intratec TEC-DC9 and a few 50 round clips
  8. The big issue with hi-cap single stack mags is they always have reliability issues regardless of what firearm they are designed to work in. Another problem with single stack hi-caps is they are long and the higher capacity the longer the mag. Really long mags are a PITA for almost everything except spran n pray plinking at the range.

    Would love to see a double stack mag carbine though, especially if it used something like Glock, Beretta and S&W mags like the KelTec Sub2k carbines. Like z71 said, Beemiller has no intention of producing their carbines, or handguns, with hi-cap mag features in the future.
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    My brother has an M1 carbine with a half dozen 30 round banana clips and never has a problem with the long clips.
  10. rrjenn,

    Next time you visit your brother have him load up one of his 30 Carbine mags. Watch closely as the rounds enter the magazine and you will see they are not a true single stack nor a true double stack, they kinda sit offset which is halfway between single and double stack. This works great for the tapered .30 Carbine round. If the rounds were loaded into the mag in a true single stack manner the mag would be narrower than it is now. If were a true double stack it would be wider than it is now.

    Also notice that on the 30rd mags the mag is curved at the mid length portion of the mag. This is because the .30 Carbine is slightly tapered from base to bullet, 9mm is also tapered in this manner.
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    they call that a staggered magazine, like wine bottles are stacked.

    they probably dont wanna bother with hi-cap mags because of some awb are still in effect locally.

    but it's simple enough to put spaces in and limit mags to 10 rnds for sell in those areas, lots of manufactures do this.

    the pistols are'nt such a big deal because you get fatter grips. but the carbines if they moved the mag out of the grip they could easily have double stacks and longer mags without issue.. 10 rounds is pretty puny these days.

    perhaps someone will create good working hi-cap mags but with single stacks you run into obscenely long length.
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    hi-capacity shooting

    If you want a handgun that shoots 32rnds buy a MPA mini-9 or a MP-30 for 45's. Theyr'e in the $325.00 range and the surplus Sten and grease gun mags are around and inexpensive. Fun gun to shoot.
  13. 10 rounds are NOT enough. When the commies/zombies/clones invade in the thousands, I'll be happily safe and sound because with my 5,000 round drum I'll be the only person who's not overrun while reloading :).

    Seriously, I agree that for SD/HD 10 rounds should be more than enough, but it's always nice to have more :).
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    What about the Aliens! you gotta need atleast 30 rounds per mag when their motherships come down :p

    I would love to see a Hi-Cap option for their weapons, i'd gladly fork an additional 50 bucks for one.
  16. Ari

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    You already have 30 rounders to shoot Aliens coming from the mother ship. As you will need to use your Ak or AR cause the Aliens are way to much for your handgun. [​IMG]
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    maybe if we had a search bar instead of a search link people would use that...seems like we have this discussion every week...LOL
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    Okay. So if HP has no intentions of producing hi cap mags, what about the aftermarket sector? There is currently nothing (besides the PROmag) on the market to fill that niche. Maybe an extension to add +2 rds. That would be adequite to fill my needs.
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    Sorry dude it is a long long long running topic. But it is what it is [​IMG]