High drag, low speed holster mod lol

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  1. Sewed this up with scraps and spare pieces. Don't have a thumb release system yet, so I replaced the Bianchi flap with this expedient elastic strap, side release system. Sure, its not a quick draw/duty release, sure it looks a bit... odd, but it has 100% positive retention, and works great for the duty of being a secondary weapon holster. Yes thats my P85 in there
    20200731_094820.jpg 20200731_094639.jpg 20200731_094637.jpg 20200731_094747.jpg 20200731_094702.jpg
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  2. Looks great!
    But what's this? No Hi-Point as a model? :(
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  3. histed

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    I like it. It's....odd, just like me. But Ajole is right - this is HI POINT!
  4. Hi point 45 is too chunky to fit the UM84 holster.

    Ajole? Not Adam?
  5. Yeah, I'm confused too.
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    NE Utah
    Histed, this retirement is messing with your mind.
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