High point 40 S&w Carbine

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  1. I need a few questions answered.
    1. what ranges it this gun good for?
    2. Is their a aftermarket stock made for the 40 s&w carbine?
    3. whats the life span of this gun.

    I have fired over 3000 rounds out of this gun and the 4 clips that i have arn't slideing up and and clicking in the whole way what might be wrong.?
    if any one can help thx?
  2. 1.100-150 yards if need be.
    2. Nope, sorry.
    3. well with hi-points lifetime warranty, FOREVER!

  3. If you bought the weapon NIB, you might have the same problem I did. The original factory mag releases had a metal foot and a plastic plunger. Mind broke around the 3000 round mark. I now have a new one from the factory that's solid metal and it's great. Take your weapon apart and look at the mag release. If it's broken, Hi-Point will replace it for free.
  4. Thank you - My mag lock in side of the gun was broken.

    I find that the gun jamms a lot with umc fmj ammo is this commn or is it the gun, or clip?

    Quick fact: this gun was used in coliumbine school shooting. EEE scarry stuff huh i hope no retard ever gets this gun banned.

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    I may be wrong I thought it was the 995 the 9mm carbine used. Also they ARE trying to ban this fine weapon in the next AWB :cry: