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  1. I just bought a High Standard Sentinel 22lr. Does anyone own one? Can high velocity be fired in it w/o causing issues?

  2. I've got one, and all I've ever shot through it has been high velocity. I've had no issues with mine at all. Go have fun! :)

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    Yup but I'd limit hyper velocity. Frames are either aluminum or zamak depending on it's production date.

    The Sentinel is a very nice gun. I wish somebody made a double action 9 shot .22lr revolver that was less than $350.
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  4. Kiln, that's a good point. I've never shot hyper velocity in mine.
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    Me neither.

    Lots and lots and lots of high velocity!

    My Sentinel was a four inch barrel model.

    I miss it! *Sniff*

  6. Thank you that is great news!!! I have almost a full box of Federal Value Pack and I was hoping it would be ok to shoot them in it.

    I took it to the range yesterday and shot a handful of both standard and high in it. It's got a hair trigger in SA. On the first shot I aimed it down range and just put my finger on the trigger and it went off. DA wants to break my arthritic finger.

    The gun was dirty as hell but it cleaned up nice. Nice shinny barrel and cylinder. Locks up tight. No rust anywhere. A little wear but what the heck.

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    I've also got a High Standard Sentinel Deluxe. My grandfather bought it new in 1965, he died in 1971, my grandmother gave me the pistol in the early '90's before her death in '97. I too shoot high velocity through mine.
  8. Here's mine, it's in pretty good shape after all these years. Probably in better shape than its owner. :eek:

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