Highland Games In NC- Cool Video

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    AH pity the man who hears the pipes an not born a Scotland. [in his best scot brouge] :wink:

  2. I love bagpipes. Such a great sound.

    I've got mostly sottish and brit ancestry.

    I haven't been up on grandfather mtn. in a while, but its just a few minutes from me.

    A couple of years ago a traditional sottish band was going to play a concert at ASU. That day they set up in the student union and played a few songs. I enjoyed it so much I got a copy of their album. Unfortunately the mixing wasn't great, it lost a ton of the force and power that is in the music. I swear even with them indoors you could hear them halfway across campus!

  3. - A box, - said a trailing voice, - of cherry liqueurs, and also, and
    I know you'll like this, a gramophone record of Scottish bagpipe music...

    (Bagpipes--that's like when you cradle a cat in your arms and chew on its tail to some rhythm right?)

    --in memory of Douglas Adams
  4. Ah Douglas Adams. Great writer. I love the Hitchhikers books.
    How do you fly? Well, you just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

    But seriously, how can anyone dislike the bagpipes?
  5. Actually, I like bagpipes but really enjoy the way Adams made fun of them. He was a great writer and it was a joy to be able to sit down and relax with his books.

    He was, after all, just this guy.

    And he is missed.

    --Just keep banging the rocks together.
  6. god I love douglas adams. I've been keeping my eye out at thrif book shops for the complete book but haven't found it yet. I did pick up a couple of hardbacks of the books the other day.

    I have yet to manage to throw myself at the ground and miss. I will keep trying though.