Hilarious Carol Burnett outtakes

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  1. These are old but still very funny.
    Tim Conways Elephant Story.

    Mama on a Roll
  2. Those were great, that was the comedy that I remember with the most affection.

    They were great comedians and comediennes and I don't know if they can ever be replaced once their all gone.

  3. Modern comedians just aren't very funny. A few years before he died, Sid Caesar gave a great interview and discussed why humor is not as funny as it once was. I've no idea where to find it, but he was well worth listening to.

    Carol Burnett not only put on a good show, you knew you could leave the room while the kids were watching... :wink:
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    Few comedians today can entertain with out swearing thru out the act. There are no replacements for comedians with the wit of Red Skelton, Sid Cesar, Carol Burnnett, Tim Conway, or Jonathan Winters. Maybe Robin Williams, or Bill Crystal, but even they throw in a few dirty lines.
    Sadly it's a sign of the times, vulgarity sells, innuendo's and pantomime are out.
  5. Tell me about it, I think I'm getting old, I just don't see how its supposed to be funny to grab your crotch and stuff like that on TV.

    That is what passes for comedy these days it seems.
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    I'll tell you what was great. Planning your day to be home when the Carol Burnett show, or Laugh-in, or Candid Camera was on, because you couldn't record it. You had to be there or you missed it. Look how many couples put off sex until after Carson's monologue. Comedians were funny. (The Newhart Albums, the Cosby Albums, etc....). Today you catch what you can or Tivo or record or buy dvd or cd or whatever. Simple is always better.