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I recently bought 2 of the Pro Mags for the .40 cal. I have been busy lately but got a few minutes open at the local range where I am a member at.

They performed flawlessly! I highly recommend them.

First, I need to emphasize that these were the Pro Mags for the .40 caliber. I have read bad things about the 9mm Pro Mags, so, this is strictly for the 4095 model.

Using my UpLula loader, I was able to get an extra round in each magazine. They advertise 15 rounds but I easily got 16 loaded in each one. I used the original iron sights just so I could shoot them off at a decent pace. At about twice per second, both mags (loaded with 16 rounds) of Federal 180 gr FMJ performed perfectly smooth and without any hitches. I cycled them 3 times apiece. They feel good, look good and perform as they should.


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