Hip is no longer an option for C&C

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  1. So, I had a bad accident last year. I shattered my pelvis and screwed up my waist line pretty bad. This makes my IWB holsters pretty useless. Not only do they hurt to wear, I can't really draw well from there anymore.

    I usually carry a Springfield XDS 4.0 9mm. Its a nice slim and lightweight design with a 4in barrel and smaller grip. It has an extension mag that also gives it a full grip.

    I've considered getting a shoulder holster, but I live South Florida, so that means always wearing an over shirt.

    So, I'm looking for ideas on alternative carry techniques.

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  2. Liberty

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    Move to West Virginia where you can carry open or concealed in any manner you like. I think we have to wait until May 10th for that, but it will take you a bit to move.

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    There are deep concealed that go around the groin area. I don't know if drawing will be the same problem for you as the IWB. I have also seen at the shows a dealer making/selling a wrap type holster that goes around your chest. He has two full sized pistols and extra mag on him for showing potential customers. He had a t-shirt on at the show. He said a male could lift shirt to draw or go in through the neck opening. That was demonstrated. Apart from that I know nothing about them. I did know a deep concealed wearer that had a full sized 9mm he carried. Couldn't see it, he said it was comfortable and he could draw well with it.

    Remember when actively fishing here you can open carry. It does draw attention though.

    OWB would need you to wear shirt out of your waist to cover it, but maybe an option. I have also considered trying a leg holster for larger than a pocket gun with the pocket cut out. Pants or most shorts would cover it. It seems hard to find shorts now a days that don't go to your knees at the stores. :rolleyes:

    BTW, LCP's are going for around $199 now new!!
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    NE Utah
    Get a pocket gun, and carry it in a pocket.

    Could you do small of back?
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    Get one of those hats with the hair and tuck it inside.:rolleyes:
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    Before your accident did you like the Alien Gear IWB?

    I have two of them and I hate them. I don't necessarily blame Alien Gear, I just can't stand paddle holsters.
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    I am of the generation that was trained from childhood to tuck your shirt in.

    Only time I feel even remotely comfortable with my shirt tail hanging out is when I am wearing shorts.

    I either wear a jacket or a sport coat and if the weather is too warm, I will reluctantly wear my shirt untucked.

    The other thing I sometimes do is carry this little .25 in my back pocket with a bandana in my pocket or a leather checkbook covering it.


    I figure I can shoot them 7 times and if they are still advancing, I can gut them.
  8. I was going to suggest a pocket .380 and then I saw ArmyRover's post. I agree with him, it's a real good suggestion.

    You're not alone. I bought one and absolutely hate it.
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    Feh. People are oblivious. Wear what you want where you want with whatever minimal cover you want. The only people who will notice are the ones who don't care anyway.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    I have a footlocker full of holsters.

    95 percent of the time, I carry in a $25.00 Cordura IWB with a mag pouch attached. It goes deep and retention is good. It would probably come out if I tumbled head over a heels down a mountain.

    But I am very comfortable carrying a full size 1911.

  12. ArmyRover

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    I would be very happy to carry a Para black ops to. That is a gorgeous firearm
  13. Sorry, that firearm has the "Idiot warning" roll mark. I refuse to buy firearms with that stamped on it. I'll take it.... just wont buy it. Its a great pistol however.
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    Did someone already suggest Kel Tec?

    If your injuries make pocket 380s a poor option, consider the P32, in .32ACP.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Belly band is an option. I seldom do it. It is an option. There is those fake cell phone holsters. http://www.sneakypeteholsters.com/springfield-xds-9mm-sneaky-pete-holster-belt-clip/

    My brother carries his G19 in an OWB holster when traveling for the comfort. He wears those "Cuban" style button up shirts which is so popular in S.Florida. Square cut and big. You know, they have the epaulets on the shoulder. He is right at home in Key Largo and Miami dressed like that.
  17. Well, a lot of good thoughts are being thrown out here. I personally like the "can't carry it, buy a new one". However sadly that too isn't an option....unless I wanted that god awful Taurus Curve my buddy picked up and keeps trying to sell me. LMFAO, told him to talk to me before he bought a new gun.:p

    I guess I'll attach some pic's here to reaffirm that waist has been taken off the table... pretty much anything below the waist too. I thought about ankle carry but I couldn't reach that due to the mobility and nerve issues.

    I've heard of these belly bands and truth be told. I might have to go that way, although I have also heard they are not very comfortable. Another option that I'm not too fond of maybe the C&C fanny packs...but well we all know why I don't want one of those, lol.

    The best option I have found so far for people in my current condition is the Strykr C&C pants and shorts. The price kinda counters that though $160-$180 for each doesn't make it really affordable and well it's only one pair. Better wear them everyday.


    I guess what I'm coming to here is those of us who are disabled have kinda been... left in a bind. Most holsters and carry options are naturally made for the healthy standard person. I also understand not all people are disabled in the same manner, what limits me is different for someone else. There just doesn't seem to be alot in they way of alternative carry options. For the most part manufactures and the gun owning world at large has found the "standards" for carrying a firearm and ran with them, few are trying to find other means but they too are flawed. Ether they are not practical, comfortable, or able to be reached quickly.

    LOL, almost seems like I'm looking for something that isn't there.

    P.S. The pics are my pelvis and right shoulder. :wah: I will never shoulder fire a 12ga again.

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  18. lklawson

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    If COTS isn't going to work for you, then you're going to have to go Custom. Go find a custom holster maker and/or leather worker. Tell him your limitations and desires. He'll help you work out a system that will work for you. There's probably 12 of them working LEO circles in your area. Might cut you a deal.

    I still say that that you should consider a P32 in a pocket holster. :)

    Peace favor your sword,

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Or a SCCY in a pocket holster. I wear cargo pants most of the time. TEST THE POCKET DEPTH in the dressing room with the holster and the firearm. I own 3 different model Remora holster. In the right pants I can carry G27, G23, or my Shield. In Florida if the grip sticks out? Place a paper towel or Kleenex over it . Learned that from my little brother! Wrangler cargo pants are $15.99-19.99 at Walmart. You might be able to trade someone even for your Springfield XD for a Shield9.