Hipoint 40 S&W

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    Hey everyone,
    Steve Here from S&I Arsenal and as many of you know we have been doing a Hipoint series and have completed everything but this 40 S&W and the 40 carbine. Well here is the video for the 40 S&W and many guys may not care for it much because there wer major mag issues out the box but to be fair we did have to air it. All of us who are Hipoint fans
    myself included know this is any easy fix, via a video on youtube to tuneup the mag or sending it back to MOM so here it is and please enjoy.And if you get a chance run by and check out the other videos in the Series at S&I Arsenal "Blue Collar" gun reviews on Youtube.
    S&I Arsenal

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    Wow. déjà vu.

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    Hmmm...I thought the JCP did better than that. I have had great service from my JHP.