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    Hey everyone,
    Steve Here from S&I Arsenal and as many of you know we have been doing a Hipoint series and have completed everything but this 40 S&W and the 40 carbine. Well here is the video for the 40 S&W and many guys may not care for it much because there wer major mag issues out the box but to be fair we did have to air it. All of us who are Hipoint fans
    myself included know this is any easy fix, via a video on youtube to tuneup the mag or sending it back to MOM so here it is and please enjoy.And if you get a chance run by and check out the other videos in the Series at S&I Arsenal "Blue Collar" gun reviews on Youtube.
    S&I Arsenal

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    That is about par with most of the new in box guns I have purchased. I try not to judge a NIB until after the
    1st 50 rds. My 1st HP was a 995TS. It was a joke the 1st 2 times out. Now it's fine.
    I thought I had bought another Kahr or Colt!

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    Hi Point handguns are very affordable, so some minor problems can be overlooked, especially mag problems. But if it is such any easy fix, I would think HI Point would take the initiative and fix the mag problem? I only have the 995 and no HP hand guns but have fired my brother-in-laws 9 and 40. I know he had mag problems with the 40. It is a turnoff to buy a new firearm and have problems or have to send it in for service. In 2012 I purchased a new Henry 22mag and had to send it in to replace the carrier. The service was great, had the rifle back in a week. I have not had any additional problems since, but would still have serious considerations about buying another. A great service department is important, but not having to use it is also important
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    Did a vid on mag tuning a while back. It kinda splain show to fix issues.

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    The vids just keep getting better and better tho, even if the pistol was having issues. Keep up the good work S&I Arsenal!
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    SE PA
    Some months ago I bought the .40 S&W and have had no problems from out of the box. I have shot 500 rounds through it with no mag troubles and that includes the three ordered from Mom. Guess I am lucky.
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    You should have borrowed my 40 !! I bought it new in Feb at a gun show. Shot it for the first time about a month ago. Went through two mags and it shot perfectly right out of the box.