HiPoint 9mm Assault Rifle?

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  1. Saw this in the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune paper for Tuesday April 8. Sorry, I don't have the link; Maybe someone can find it????"
    Two assault rifles found in basement"
    "Two officers were sent to the building about 6:45pm Sunday, and seized the two guns, a Romanian-made AK-47 assault rifle and a Hi Point 9mm assault rifle after speaking with the woman who found them".

    Assault weapon?????? That's Massachusetts for ya.
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    That scary pistol grip will turn ANY rifle into an "assault weapon".

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    I wish Hi-Point really made a full-on rifle. 7.62 would be kind of appropriate, considering their design philosophy.
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    Let us not forget: the Hi Point carbines are all the Evil Black color!
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    Well, for the most part: that, and those "Evil" barrel shrouds can be put on them!
  6. Cool post and replies.
    I'm so happy my AK isn't an assault rifle, it's not black and no pistol grip.

    Me so happy :D
  7. Mayby it was one of the elusive belt fed full auto hi-points
  8. Bro...that website makes me want to puke......
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    Did anyone else notice the talk about the Five-seveN on that assault weapons page linked above? WTF kind of criminal can afford one of those?
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    Do you really think they are a legit anti-gun site, or do you think a group of folks like ourselves made the site to look as if it was anti-gun, BUT in reality the gun grabbing liberal/democrats are sending their money to buy these weapons, ammunition, and accessories. They would not be lying when they said they'll keep them off the street because they are probably at their homes propped in a corner with a webcam focus'd on it... That would be the greatest thing in the entire world is to have a setup like that.

    (That's exactly what that site is... well, almost)
  11. I wouldn't put much stock into that website. It hasn't been updated in over two years. Still, it's hard to believe that people out there promote peace and love by selling hate and intolerance.
  12. did you read any of it? Strangerous is right! This is one big joke on the anti-gun folks.

    "December 18, 2004

    We received a gracious donation of a bayonet from Model "1" Sales, a merchant of death and destruction that debates our claim that drive-by bayonetings are a serious problem and doubt that assault weapon violence will be spotted!

    With their assistance, we finally managed to attach the bayonet to the assault rifle correctly. Little do they know that they will be contributing to their own demise as we record bayonet violence that will no doubt result in a nationwide bayonet ban!"

    This is either an amazingly good joke or these folks wear tinfoil hats in case the foil they placed on the wiwdows falls off. I wish I would have thought of this.

    And read the FAQ! it is one of the greatest examples of dry humor ever!
  13. Nah ya'll have it wrong. This is a picture of the Hi-point; it had apparently had a couple of mods done to it so it was an assault weapon. I believe this is the next thing Bushman plans on coming out with (how he got an advance copy I have no idea).

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    Dude, that website is a joke, literally. Did you actually read any of it, or just look at a few pictures and decide it was anti-gun?

    Here's the list of FAQ's from the website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The assault weapon ban targeted bayonet lugs for a reason. Where's the bayonet?
    Many people have pointed this out - that bayonets are a large part of street violence with these weapons and this rifle should be equipped with one. We are currently accepting donations to buy a bayonet for it.

    Why doesn't the picture update as fast as I click "reload" anymore?

    The load on our servers and the amount of bandwidth we were using was straining our meager budget, so we now only upload new frames every few seconds instead of streaming the video.

    Aren't you afraid an underprivileged urban-outdoorsman might break in and steal the rifle?
    No, we have the rifle and camera setup in a secured office building with an alarm system. Besides, if criminals actually stole the weapons they later used in crimes, gun control laws wouldn't make much sense.

    How big is that thing?
    It's actually quite large. It's well over three feet long and weighs about ten pounds! We were taken aback when we purchased this, because we expected a cheap, small, and easily concealable weapon that would be more logical for use in a crime, not this beast that is anything but!

    It really cost $1,500?
    Yes. People keep asking this. It was one of the first things we learned in our endeavor - assault weapons are apparently some of the most expensive weapons you can buy. The really strange thing is we have also discovered that assault weapons use lower powered cartridges, and actually are a lot less powerful than a shotgun or a hunting rifle! We would like to obtain a dreaded 50 caliber assault weapon that our fellow anti-gun groups keep pushing to ban, but were aghast to discover that these cost $8,000 and weigh 40 pounds!

    Ok, they're less powerful, but they shoot really fast?
    No. We actually watched someone fire one just like ours at the range when we bought it. It does not go bangbangbang and spray bullets like in the movies!! It only fires one shot with each pull of the trigger. Apparently this is also just like a more powerful semi-automatic hunting rifle. We have no doubt that this does not effect the lethality of these weapons, though, because what hunting rifle has a bayonet lug!

    Have you seen any violence yet?
    No, but we have no doubt that we will soon. We have only been watching this for a little over a month. We started this web site so that others could help us watch - we do not know what happens when we go home at night!

    Is that a flash hider on that thing?
    Yes, on the end of the barrel, that's an actual flash hider!

    The sarcasm runs red in the streets on that site, I just wish they kept it updated more often. It's been years since they kepy up. I've been watching off and on though and have yet to see any spontaneous assault weapon violence.
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    Well I'll be darn'd. :lol:
    I did a /whois on both the 'Model "1" Sales' and 'assault weapon watch', thinking they were owned/registered by the same person, however they are are from different states... go figure.
  16. Hell you would have to have a medium sized helicopter with sling just to move that puppy! :lol:
  17. You mean one of those things that go up?

  18. Sorry if some misunderstood the site. It's intended as a parody of gun-control groups; it's perhaps not the best, but it's also obviously an amateur effort and interesting nevertheless.

    For the record: assault is a verb...rifles lack volition as they are inanimate objects :p
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    I count 3 ACOGs, 2 Aimpoints....thats one hella expensive AR...