HiPoint and S&W guns wrecked from Katrina

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    found this story while surfing........ http://fingear.org/restoration.aspx the guy is going to keep progress updated.
    once again i hear only good things coming out of HiPoints customer service.
    quote from the story on another forum....

    I got an email back from Hi-Point:

    "It doesn't matter how your friend's Hi-Point was damaged, it's still covered by the lifetime warranty.

    Please call the Hi-Point factory toll-free at... to request the lifetime warranty replacement parts or lifetime warranty repair your friend needs for his 9mm. They’ll be able to help him."

    That is impressive. My friend is very pleased.

    We're still waiting on S&W's reply.


    wonder how the S&W will turn out.....

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    Awesome post!!!
    Thanks for that linkage...I understand how the officer might feel about his main duty weapon,that he bought new, should at least try to be saved. This guy helping him out, tell him thanks!

    Can we mark this one up as the awesome Hi-Point warruntee program in effect as well?

  3. I think s&w would replace it for him i own a few s&w s and have never had a problem with customer service. they have a lifetime warrenty as well
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    Im eventually gonna get all the hipoints just to support an american company that values its customers.Hipoint rocks!
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    Should not be too hard to recondition that revolver if he uses the right method, I would just buy new springs and all internal parts, chemical strip the frame and cylinder (I don't have a clue why he just don't use a ultra sonic cleaner then a chemical stripper which removes bluing and rust) have the frame/cylinder Parkerized and it would be done. Total cost about $125.00 and the revolver would look great and function perfectly.