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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by KnightTime, Oct 15, 2014.

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    I just wanted to relay a very positive customer service experience I recently had with HiPoint. It seems forums become the place to complain about everything and seldom are they used to express positive stuff because ... well ... humans just like to complain more than anything!

    I bought a 995TS about a year ago and have used the heck out of that thing at the range. I shoot 9mm by the boatload and a carbine in 9mm just made sense for my range trips. What an awesome and accurate gun for a couple of Bills. After several thousand rounds (easily more than 5000 rounds), I started having some trigger problems and contacted HiPoint (BeeMiller Inc). They connected me with a technician that talked to me for several minutes, and he became assured I knew what I was talking about concerning part names and basic gun speak. He shipped me a new trigger assembly, springs, firing pin, etc. After installation, I was still experiencing the same problem, and another call to the technician had me return it to HiPoint for warranty service. After a couple of weeks, they called me to tell me they were shipping me a completely new 995TS. I'm sure I wore the thing out as it has become my favorite range gun for several reasons, not least of which is it's accuracy at 125 yards is amazing. I received the new 995TS with replacement magazines for all 3 that I included with the return, plus a free one. In my experience, HiPoint customer service is unsurpassed in the industry. For all those HiPoint haters, try to get that level of customer service from ANY US manufacturer. I do have several high end weapons and of course they may be more durable, but they cost 5-10x as much. In any case, in my opinion, HiPoint should be the bar by which all gun manufacturers warranty services are measured, regardless of price. Kudos to BeeMiller Inc and their staff. Job well done.
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    Glad to hear they took care of you KT!

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    They are sending me a plethora of parts also, free of charge I couldn't be happier.
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    I have a Kimber friend who can't understand how HP can "do what they do" & stay in business. I told him NOT to worry about it. There are more people able to afford a Hi Point than can afford a Kimber?
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    Question...did the replacement 995TS have the original serial number????
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    I have owned (note past tense) three Kimber 1911s in my lifetime, and all three of them cost over $1K each. There were without a doubt the worst guns I have ever owned...pretty, but would not run worth a crap. The only thing I ever got from Kimber's CS was "shoot 500 rounds and then call us." That's pure BS, IMO...yes, I know that some guns are fit to such tight tolerances that they need breaking in, but that's ridiculous. Not to mention that while Kimber does make a decent mag (the Kim Pro Tac Mag) that's not what they include with their guns...they include the crappiest 1911 mag made.

    I've owned a lot of guns from a lot of different makers, and without a doubt, Kimber is the worst. I'd rather they spent less money on advertising (have you ever seen a gun publication that wasn't full of Kimber ads, including a full page ad?) and spend a little more on quality and service. They make pretty guns, true, but they aren't worth a hoot if you want to shoot.
  7. I've also had a recent great experience with MoM's customer service. I ordered some extra mags for my two carbines and a folding front grip for my wife's 995TS.

    Not only did we get a confirmation email from the desk of the owner himself in less than a day, but that was followed up by another email from his wife (Shirley?), alerting us that our order had shipped out.

    It was on our doorstep two days later, and they threw in a Hi-Point ball cap (in camo) for free! Just wonderful service!
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    This is good to hear. :)
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    I love the customer service
    BEST service ever
  10. I've also experienced great service from MoM. Sent in my JCP mid last week and just received it back today, in fine working order. Total time away from home was only six (6) days. :D
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    Anyone know how long it takes for magazine swaps? I mailed them in a few weeks ago and haven't got them yet.
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    I would figure you should have them sometime this week? I'm expecting my 995 Camo Classic to come back this week also, been 4 week today.
  13. Can anyone presume what the wholesale costs of the carbines are for Hi-Point?

    $65 including labor?
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    Good news, I called the lovely lady at Hi point, she told me new magazines were mailed out yesterday.:D
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    I read alot here on this site...but post very little..

    Hi-Points customer service is 2nd to none....Charter Arms is second and SCCY is third..

    This is from my own experience..not from what I have read or heard...