HiPoint JHP 45 review

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    The first gun i ever shot was a AMT Hardballer 1911 when i was 6 years old. Ive been addicted to 1911 .45's since then. I was looking for a less expensive 45 to do alot of target shooting with and a pistol for home defense. Somehow i fell into info about HiPoint and read a review by Shooter Mag online. Called my local dealer and he had a JHP in stock so i went to check it out. I was skeptical at first, but he emphazised the lifetime warranty, and i went ahead and purchased it along with a slipon grip for my bear sized hands. That weekend i took the JHP to the range for some "breaking in" and to my delight it shot really well. My dealer recommended breaking in with .45ACP FMJ's but my range does not allow them so i grabbed a box of Remington UMC .45 JHP's. I loaded the clip with 6 rounds (per a reviewers suggestion) and began the break in process. I found that with each clip my groupings got tighter and tighter. I had no jamming or failure's to eject. I put 100 rounds through with no problems at all! I have since recommended this firearm to many of my friends and will continue to do so. With a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty how could you go wrong?
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    My c-9 was the same way right outta the box.Fun stuff. :D

  3. Mine C9 was too. And my 40. And my 995. I've been sorta lucky!
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    wow.. it fed HPs no problem huh? thats oddly a good thing. usually the Hi-Points have issues with HP ammo.
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    hmm, must just be yours. m c9 and 995 feed hollowpoints really well...
  6. jeremiah0678,

    Congrats on the HiPoint .45acp! Several members on the forum have this same pistol and seem to love it. They are a bit large from my hands so I will probably stay with the C9.


    The ONLY HiPoint pistol I ever come across that would not reliably feed hollowpoint ammo was an older all metal .380. My C9 9mm eats hollowpoint's just as good as it does FMJ ammo.

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    Has anyone tried the Powerball?

    Not the lottery game, the ammo by corbon! I just became aware of it. Its a hollow point with a nylon ball in the hole. Feeds like ball, expands like JHP.
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    i love my JHP... ive been shooting remington UMC FMJ rounds through it more to lack of funds more than anything but since switching to hornady hollowpoints i havent had any problems yet and if you ask me i think my .45 likes hollow points better. it cycles slightly faster and smoother

    i have been considering polishing my feeding ramp but since i havent had any problems i dont really see a need for it but anyone with feeding problems should probably have it done
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    ive nver ran HP ammo through my Hi-Points.. but i hear alot of the "not wanting to feed HPs" problem.
  10. my JHP feeds ANY type of ammo, without a hiccup. The C-9, likes hardball but the JHP will take anything.
  11. My 995 LOVES hollow point ammo!
  12. Why no fmj ammo?

    Why won't your range allow .45 fmj ammo? Seems odd to me. This what people normally shoot from a 1911.
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    Re: Why no fmj ammo?

    It messes up the steel plates...