hipoints being brought as back-up guns by our military in the middle east?

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  1. Some time ago i went into a local pawn shop that normally has a good selection of hipoints to see what they had, and they were out. The owner had commented that h.p. was selling alot of h.p.'s to our servicemen in iraq and Afghanistan. Has anybody else heard about this? I'm asking because i know some peoples dislike of h.p.'s come from thefact that they're not "battle proven" and if this is true that reason for dislike should go out the window.
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    IDK why they wouldn't hold up even better than a high dollar,
    tightly fitted gun in the "sandbox"... Kinda like an American AK!

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    I was under the impression that the "new" military no longer allowed you to bring your personal firearms along. One of our employees claims that he took a personal firearm with him though, so I don't know.

    On the Hickok45 review of the C9, he shows another C9 that he claims a friend took overseas with him???
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    Depends on the unit. Some will take a gun over and leave passing it on to another. It's easier to take one there than to bring one back. But it's due able.
  5. I wish there was some way to find out if they were actually there, and also if there's any stories of a service member actually using a h.p. to defend himself
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    Yeah, I don't know if you can still use the loophole by making a friend in the embassy to send it back stateside in a sealed pouch anymore. It's how I got both of my KP90's back after taking them with me.
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    Well, I went to Iraq in 2003-2004. I was assigned to the 82nd ABN 3-325. I was a Military Policeman assigned to that unit. I can say for a fact, when we were returning home LOTS of Hi Points were in the "amnesty box" in Kuwait.

    Now, as for a "ACHMED" being blasted by someone with a HP? I dunno. BUT, since handguns aren't generally issued to some troops. I'd prefer any handgun over no handgun
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    We would pack the extras in the mill van and since a few of us where custom certified the containers were marked cleared. No muss no fuss.
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    My last deployment (Air Force) to Afghanistan was 2008-09. I can tell you there was NO WAY a person was bringing a personal firearm, Hi-Point or otherwise, period. At Bagram AB I never saw a single non-issue weapon being carried, openly anyway, by anyone.
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    The easiest was was getting them into the "clean areas". When's the last time someone looked in the Porta Potties IN the clean area?
  11. Well, at least we can say that hipoints have been in a combat environment
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    Where there's a will there's a way. ;-)
  13. This development to see if HP is carried by our troops on foreign soil sure would put Colt on notice that they're not the best/only player out there. LOL

    I know DPMS AR's were used in Africa for troops and training of guard camps and if you know about AR's you know DPMS had a spotty rep in the early years, but have made big improvements over time of parts following the Mil-Spec guideline, so I guess anything is possible when it comes to contracts where weapons are needed quickly.
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    Well I guess you know your way around Fort Bragg or Fayettenam lol..
    Your division was attached to the 75th Rangers.. Some kind of special operations
    Joint task force or something along those lines I think?
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    Whole New Line of Collecting for MELVIN:


    "Combat Carried Hi Points" :D :rofl:
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    Its against the Law to mail a firearm but its not against the law to mail Parts.
    So there you go as to how they get there as to why their not mailed or brought back , seems the inspecting of mail and baggage leaving is more involved so no GI's bring back any treasure's from those peaceful third world peoples rich history of sitting in the sand, rug making and making an ancient thug some kind of holy man.
    Go figure.
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    Except the serialed frame, which only an FFL can send through USPS.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I know you guys are gonna hammer me but I just can't see the current version of Hi-point handguns being used as an official authorized service pistol by the Military.

    Has nothing to do with reliability in my opinion but there are two things that stand out.

    1. The weight
    2. No slide release.

    Just my opinion and worth every cent you paid for it.

    MY 45 JHP is beside me at home because of my old man eyes and since I added the laser I have decided to grab it first.

    I also plan to carry it around with a Condor drop leg holster and belt when I am out in the woods on my property but I won't every have it as my carry gun. Strictly due to it's weight and thickness.

    I will continue to keep carrying a 1911.

    I have read several articles about Wilson Combat building a 1911 for use by special forces. I am at work and although I can get on here, Barracuda reports me when I try to look for it. I have seen photos of it and testing.
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    Why would we hammer you?
    I completely agree with you.
    We like our HiPoint guns but most of us don't sing the HiPoint hallelujah relentlessly...:D
    They are what they are....
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    I remeber the first DPMS I ever put my hands on a while back. Did not like it.

    I now have an DPMS AR10 in .308 with Vortex Glass on it.

    Probably 500 rounds through it and I am impressed since I got it on sale with no optics for a around $850.00 from a local dealer a little over a year ago.