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    Not bad. Not bad at all. In the same thread as deadliest catch and the like, it follows the jobs of several different logging crews in oregon. Im definantly watching this one. 8 out of 10 for the series preimere.

  2. Felt bad for the guy who wrenched his back. Been there, done that. 1 little misstep and 1000 needles sticking in your lower back.

  3. Just watched the last half of it tonight. Not bad is right. Might set it up to record on the DVR.

    The show that came on after is pretty interesting as well. About life in 10,000 BC. (due to the movie of course)
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    I dunno: I only say that, since the Ice Road Truckers series. Seemed like a bunch of people who liked to be on camera, profile, show off and cuss just cause they can....hmm

    As far as Axe men, I have yet to see it. But if it follows the formula of reality TV/scripted reality...

    One show I did happen to catch last friday, was Batlefield 360, on the History channel. That, with the computer animations etc, was nice to see, vs old gun cam film, and old WW2 camera stock.
  5. Just came on, ill check it out.
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    I retract my previous statement on this show! This looks cool!
  7. LOL, elguapo, you crack me up. Question though, if you dont like people who go on cussin rants just cause the can, how did you manage to be around Primal at the shot show?
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    I DVRed and watched later last night. I've always thought logging was interesting and grew up with just about every one of my buddies doing it at one time or another but never really seen it myself. I definitely will keep watching.

    Another show I liked about logging was the Modern Marvels show on Logging Tech. Some of those all-in-one machines are amaizing. It falls the tree, limbs it, and cuts it to length. One guys said his record was 172 trees in an hour.
  9. Dude, that was uncalled for!!!!

    And nonetheless true.... :oops: :oops: :shock: :D

    DAMN IT!!!! :wink:
  10. Logging is fun... up until a tree lands on you. Haven't had a TV to watch it, but one interesting fact for ya'll if they didn't mention it is almost every death involving a logger has two things in common: 1) a tree fell on them while they were running away, and 2) they're pants or chaps caught on something and caused them to trip, thus resulting in death.
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    Primal was fine, as long as I kept the beer flowing!
    I have to say, that he stopped at the Glock booth when he saw who was there, signing autographs. I was like "WTF? We got other places to see!!" Then...I saw. I was "ok" and got in line behind with the rest of the people.
  12. I keep complaining about the multitude of new reality shows, but I do like this one.

  13. Caught the first couple of episodes the other night and I have to say I was impressed I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure how far they can continue to take it. Thinking they will run out of things to cover but should be good as long as it lasts.
  14. Havnt watched it yet, don't really plan to. I think a show about logging is about as lame as a show about trucking. I did watch the ice road truckers one day, it was interesting only for the danger aspect of it, but the trucking part was boooring.
  15. Got a chance to watch it the other night, and I have to agree with Taurus on this one. Yeah, logging is fun, I've done it for a brief time when I lived in Minnesota, but just the day in day out mechanics of the job isn't what I'd call quality television... Not when CSI is on anyway...
  16. ugh CSI.....

    ....cant get into that multitude of crime shows that clog the channels.

    I do however watch Cold case every great once in a while...
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    Cant stand it ... As a Native Indian it's on Stolen Land (Oregon) and it's just the greed of taking more than they need without respecting Mother Earth.