History channel show on big cats in the states

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    Anyone see the History channel show talking about big cats showing up in the states taking live stock and what have you.. They talked about that there used to be Jaguar here in the USA. Two of the guys they talked to on the show have found that Jaguars could be making a come back in the southwest. (They had found three of them)

    The one rancher that had a big cat take one of his lamas they showed him with a M1 carbine on his shoulder while checking his stock. I do not know that I would want to take a big cat on with a M1 carbine.

    Anyone of you hunters got any big cat stories to tell?
  2. Well, not a hunter in CO yet (gotta do that HSC thing first) but we regularly see mountain lions where I work. Security has a ton of footage walking our fence perimeters. A couple of years ago I was leaving work and while stopped at the entrance to our access road, I looked to my right...lo and behold there are two lions just sitting in the tall grass about 50 yards away. They were just lounging in the morning sun, probably digesting whatever it was they may have caught the night before. At first I did a double take, not really believing what I was seeing (I work graveyard shift), but sure enough...they were awesome beasts too, really majestic. Being a Jersey boy, I really dig seeing all of this wildlife in CO. Back home the "wildlife" was usually some toothless, halfnaked crack ho crawling across the street...

  3. Theres been mountain lions seen in Saginaw county, Michigan; it used to be only one would get reported a year now its starting to be around 5-6 reported a year.
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    Are you guys talking something more then cougars?
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    A while back I had a black cougar run between my and some friends after cards one evening. I was helping them out to the car with thier kids who were asleep.We heard something come from behind us running hard and fast then very black or extremely dark, ran by us. Didn't register till a few minutes later to us all It was a black cougar. We also realized it could have killed any one of us in the time we took to react, even armed.

    While working on the river as a deckhand for the Ohio River company (now Ingram) the Sternie and myself were called to the pilot house to see a cougar on the side of the river. He was all of 200lbs just basking along the river. This was near Huntington W.V. though, he was NOT black.

    I own bullmastiffs and have owned a few large for breed Danes and the cat that evening was not as tall as the Dane, but was long, sleek and very dark. Larger than my Bullmastiff and it shook loose by us like a Dane or maybe a large Greyhound but that thick tail went on forever.
  6. My aunt moved into where we live back in the mid 40's and there were very few houses around. She walked down to the highway and would stand and wait for the bus to go to work, and she kept hearing a cougar. She called the game ranger and they found it and shot it before it could possibly hurt someone.

    Back in the mid 60's I went to a very small out in the sticks rural school near where I live now, and there was more than one family that reported seeing a black cougar in the area. I never heard what happened to it.
  7. Eh, Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther...it's all just a big hungry cat. Without a sidearm, I'm lower on the food chain...
    Saw lots of cougars at the casinos in Blackhawk!!! :wink:
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    yeah, the guy in the nice ford dually had the M1, the other in the chevt flatbed had a 12ga shotty... I saw that episode, and i enjoyed it... There's no such thing as a black mountain lion.
  9. nope I've never heard of a black mountain lion either.