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HKs version of a C9, LOL

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Heckler & Koch VP70Z

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That gun has been around since the 60s....so the C9 is a version of that gun.

It was also the first polymer handgun EVER made, so don't let Glock fool you. It has a habit of breaking fingers every time you pull the trigger though...
That is the UGLIEST trigger I've ever seen.
The first Polymer framed commercially produced pistol, circa 1970. Lots of unique features (at the time) like a double action only trigger, 18rd magazine, and a weird front sight that used a polished sight face combined with a deep groove. The groove appeared as a shadow line against the polished area, giving the illusion of a narrow black front sight. The military version was capable of burst fire, the combo stock/holster assemby plugged into the back of the pistol and the burst limiter/selector mechanism was contained in the stock.

John Gardner had his version of James Bond carry one in the novel "For Special Services". People who have actually owned one generally liked them except for the 14lb trigger pull.
, 18rd magazine.....14lb trigger pull.
Mine held 22.5 rounds, and try 30lbs, lol. That thing was NOT fun to shoot.
, 18rd magazine.....14lb trigger pull.
Mine held 22.5 rounds, and try 30lbs, lol. That thing was NOT fun to shoot.
How does it hold half a round?
It was 18 rounds and 14 lb trigger, which could be easily mistaken for 22.5 rounds and 30 lb trigger.
You could stuff 22 rounds in there and could have forced another in if you pushed hard enough, so I called the one that almost fit a half a round.

And the 30lbs was an obvious exaggeration of how mean the trigger pull was, I would have said 50lbs to make the exaggeration more obvious, but some people might call BS on that.
I handled one of these things....they are freaking huge.
the one i shot was horrible to say the least. trigger pull was smooth but extremely hard. made you shake just trying to pull the trigger. no fine accuracy at all.

I'm not so sure 30 pounds is much of an exaggeration, the trigger on those pistols was HEAVY!

Ron M.
They say factory it's around 18lbs, it's the safety for the old school DAO. That, and it was designed to be shot in burst fire, so once you get the trigger depressed, then your good.

It was afterwards when they released the civilian(VP70Z) model when they got complaints about the trigger.

After awhile, the gun will wear down to 15lbs after 1000 rounds or so.

There was a guy on HKpro.com who could tune them down to about 9lbs, he posted a bunch of pics and videos...he won't answer emails though....
That is the UGLIEST trigger I've ever seen.
dude like +10
that is one ugly pistol..still would rather have any HK than no HK...which is my current situation
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