Hodgdon Tite Group powder?

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  1. Anyone here use, or have used, Hodgdon Tite Group powder in .380 or 9mm loads? Saw a lot of load data for it and thought I may give it a try. Currently I am using Unique and HP-38. Unique works well but does not meter very good, HP-38 meters well but I have not found "the load" in any of my pistols using it yet.

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    I started using titegroup, I found it to be quite a good powder when combined with my cheap russian primers, Win 231 was problematic with these Heavy metal free primers, Power pistol was HORRIBLE with those primers (Several failure to ignites) Titegroup seems to be really good with my 9mm loads Ive only fired with 115 grain FMJ and 124 Gr. LRN bullets. (So far so good)

  3. Tried it in 50 loads and still have the remainder in the can. I'll stick with Bullseye and Unique.
  4. nicadflyer,

    What issues did you have with Tite Group? Also what caliber, bullet and guns were you loading it for?
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    Well, I don't think I did it right, so I'm sort of biased. Let's just say I've got most of a little keg I don't plan on using.
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    tite group is a littel harder to ignite than other powders and may require a magnum primer in some cases. I stick to blue dot or red dot depnding on which round im loading.

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    I only use 231 and Bullseye. They work for me.
  8. Sorry for taking so to answer. I loaded it in 9mm and 40 SW and found that it burned to slow for the short barrels that I have (3" and3.5"). I felt that for the the money Bullseye was the better choice in my XD40SC and Hi-point C-9. It worked OK in the Ruger KP89DC which has a 4.5 inch barrel. I like to use one powder and Bullseye lets me do that.
  9. I have switched to Win 231 from Unique because I don't like how Unique meters. I have had squibs from Unique (large flake) but Win 231 is much finer and meters much smoother on my progressives.
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    unique is a better powder in a load dedicated to a carbine or behind heavy magnum shotgum loads like slugs or buckshot.

  11. I like the way Unique performs in my .44's but absolutely hate the way it meters. So far I have ran some test loads with TiteGroup in my 995 and 9VE and it turned in some decent results, metering was great too. Still working with it gonna give it a shot in my .44's when the weather clears and the range dries out a bit, wind and rain have been terrible lately.
  12. i havent had any bad luck with titegroup, one of my favorite is HP38 for 9mm and 45acp
  13. I just loaded a batch of 9mm with TiteGroup and didn't notice any difference from rounds loaded with Universal.
  14. I have heard from several sources that HP-38 and Win 231 powders are the same. Most of their load data is identical, as well. If they weren't the same before, then since Hodgdon bought out Winchester powders, Hodgdon reportedly is putting the same powder in both cans.