Hogue Grips???

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  1. squeak_D

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    Which particular Hogue grip best fits the 380/C9 .?.?.? I bought one, but think I may have bought the wrong model. It slips on (hard as all hell to get on too), but mine doesnt sit flush with the grip just at the top back end, just under the rear of the frame. I saw a Hogue grip on a gun pic here and it was freakin snug as a bug...

  2. squeak_D

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    No one here has info on the Hogue grips for the 380/C9 ? I've seen numerous pics of HP's here with Hogue grips. I just need to know if I bought the right size. It's quite snug, and doesn't sit flush at the top back end. The model number I have is 17000. Is this the right one?

  3. Can ya post a pic?
    I have a small Hogue on my C9:

    I heated mine up a bit with a hairdryer to get the elasticity required to stretch it over the existing grip. It needs to be tight tho, otherwise it would be sliding around all over the place. Oh, and DO NOT use any kind of spray lube to make it easier.
  4. squeak_D

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    Mine has two finger grooves and I know I have seen pics here with the same type of hogue grip as the one I just bought. Im just not sure if I got the right size.
  5. I think most use the Houge handall large grip.
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    Here's a link to the one I bought. The model I bought is the 17000. From what I can see it's the larger one as there is a Jr. version that only has one finger groove. Is the one I bought the right one? Does it need to be trimmed as I see you can do this (based on the instructions) with a hobby knife.

  7. squeak_D

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    I have a pic of what it looks like if anyone wants me to send it to them. I have no way or idea of how to post it here. It's not in perfect focus, but you can clearly see the "bulge" at the top back end.

    It really confuses me though, as I'm certain i've seen C9's here with Hogue grips that have the two finger grooves.

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    Yes, it's the hogue handall large size. The large has two finger grooves, small only one. Here's a pic of my 40 and 9 both with the large. Very hard to get on but well worth the effort.

  9. squeak_D

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    That's the exact same Hogue Grip that I've got, yet mine doesn't fit like yours. Mine doesn't appear to have any defects in it either, but it doesn't sit snug up in the upper back end of the grip just under the rear portion of the frame.
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    I've got one one on my CF380. They are just a B&#*h to put on. My didn't look like it was going to snug up but it did after I let it sit for awhile and contract back to the original size.

  11. squeak_D

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    Heck yeah was it a B%&^$Y to put on! I just hope mine conforms to the grip at the back top end.
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    you might have it on upside down
  13. I would have to agree...it is probably on upside down. I dang near put mine on upside before realizing it.

  14. Hey HPMAN, would have been sweet if they could have integrated a rail on the C9, like the 45, huh?
  15. squeak_D

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    Guys, I'm not an idiot. It wasn't placed on upside down..... Biggunz, that's the exact grip I purchased too. When placed on the weapon, mine does not fit flush with the rear of the upper end of the grip. I have a bulge in mine.
  16. squeak_D

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    I'm just ready to throw the f*$*$ thing in the trash. The one I got is all jacked up. $10 wasted IMO.
  17. Not sure what to tell you squeak, I just got mine in the mail today...took a lot of tugging but I got her on. I don't think your an idiot, you may have just overstretched it or something. ? Got a pic of it so we can see whatcha mean?
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    I just use a little piece of bicycle inner tube on all of my guns that need it. $6 will do 10-20 guns,... simple, cheap and effective. Kinda like me!
  19. I got 2 at one time for my pistols and I fought with the C9 until I was pissed and then I read the instructions !

    I heated the one for my .45 with a hair dryer for a few seconds and I had it on in a matter of a minute !!!
  20. Why throw it away? Offer it in the pay forward section and let someone else have a shot at it. :)