Hogue rubber grips?

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  1. I have a slip-on Hogue rubber grip on my Hi-Point .45.
    I have a Hogue custom rubber grip on my Ruger LCP.
    Sometimes I wonder if I should remove them.
    On the Ruger, it makes the gun feel better to hold.
    But, it makes it "thicker" and it was built to be a small/slim gun.
    On my Hi-Point, it feels better to hold, over the stock grips, but....
    For those who don't like slapping the Hogue or other brand, rubber grips on, why?
    And one more stupid question. I live in Texas and it's hot more than it's cool. When I pocket carry my Ruger, I can get sweat on the gun for sure.
    For some reason, I think I sweat less when my Ruger doesn't have the Hogue? Would that be logical? Or in my mind?
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    The rubber grip riding on your leg would seem to let less air
    circulate between the gun and your thigh, IMO. Unless that
    is the one you carry when "little miss Shadow" is with you? ;)

  3. Ha! No, it's just a rubber Hogue grip cover on my Ruger LCP.
    It's already heating up down here, so it's that's time again.
    Been in the low 80's already. I may remove it and see if anything changes...
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    LOL, you one upped me on THAT! :eek:

    I usually get the "Happy to see me or are you pocket
    carrying your S&W 500 today?" ;) :D :rofl:

    We've had 65* over the weekend in INDY :eek:
  5. Here are my Hogue rubber grips....

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    I do not like slip on rubber grips. I did want to fix the issue with the slick grips on my CF380 though. Bought the Traction Grip overlays. Nice rubber texture and only cost $10. Does not add any girth to the grips to speak of and improves the feel considerably.

    Simply removed the grips from the feame, heated them with a hair drier, and installed the overlays. Hit them with the hair drier just to make sure the glue got hot enough to adhere well. They have been on for a while now and show no signs of wanting to separate from the gun.

    Not mine but a picture I found on the web.

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  7. Good stuff. I considered doing that. I don't love the look of my rubber grips, but I love the feel/comfort for sure.