Holding open the bolt of 995ts carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by arbud, May 1, 2014.

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    Bought the carbine online a few weeks ago. Did notice that the guy had the charging handle on the other side of the receiver. It is curved and I guess aftermarket. It is solidly on there though. Anyway when I went to clean the chamber and barrel the bolt wont stay open. I pull it back and there is no handle on the left side to make it stay open. I assume the oem handle could be screwed in.
    Is there something I can wedge in the other side where the shells eject to make it stay open so I can clean it.
    I would like to just make it stock but do not no how. Thanks guys, Bud
  2. Sounds like you have the brass catcher right hand charging handle on there. That handle doesn't allow for a bolt hold open I believe. The only way to keep the bolt back would be using the last round hold open. If your gun is equipped with that feature. Some are not. Does the bolt say back when you pull it back with an empty magazine in it? Members on this forum do sell a version of the stock charging handle that will hold the bolt back but its on the left side. Or you can call the factory and they'll ship you one no charge...

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    alot of 995 owners woule HAPPILY take that brass stacker right side charging handle off your hands, it was discontinued,and in relatively high demand now. if your only issue with it, is that you have to physically hold it open for cleaning, i am gonna suggest you try shooting the gun with it installed a few times and see how you like it. its not like you need to do a full field strip everytime, in fact HiPoint recommends you DO NOT clean it that frequently, thoroughly, i believe they recommend a bore cleaning every 200-300 rounds and a full strip down only every 1000 rounds (thier website has the exact numbers). but, before you get rid of it, try it, you may like the way it functions enough to deal with the extremely slight problem of having to hold it open for a quick clean.
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    The last round open with the mag in worked. I can now enjoy that type of charging handle and clean the barrel. Thank you