Hollow Points

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  1. How does your C-9 Handel hollow points.I have had mine for a year and have not shot hollow points out of it yet.
  2. Polish the feed ramp first. Mine fired fine with ball; not a hitch. Once I started using hollow points, they scooped off the finish on the feed ramp and the slide wouldn't go into battery. Not a big deal for the range, as it only took a slight bump of the hand to put it forward, and then I wouldn't have any problems with the gun cycling at all for that magazine. I sent it back to Hi-Point and had them polish it. Just something to be aware of.

  3. I have shot Remington UMC 115gr JHP, Hornady TAP 124gr, Winchester 124gr JHP Personal Protection and Winchester 147gr JHP's and never had a single issue. I would say at least 500 of the 1500+ rounds thru my C9 are JHP's.

    When I carry the C9 in my GHB or glove box it is loaded with Winchester 124gr JHP PP or 147gr JHP's.

  4. Have never had a problem with hollow points, at least 1000 round worth.
  5. me either never had problems with my C9 in fact the first mag I ever shot out of it were hollow points and they all fired without a problem