Hollywood Florida Says No More American Flags!

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  1. You got it. The town of Hollywood Florida is trying to ban the number of American flags because there are so many in a particular area due to buisnesses and car dealerships. I say where's the problem? Embrace it, call it the most patriotic, do something positive with the people who are proud to display their flags. Sad.
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    Isnt J. Bush still the Gov? Thought he(or someone else) should B__ch slap them!!!

  3. browwiw

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    Yes, let the automarts leave up their hundreds of flags up 24/7, year round...in the rain and wind getting whipped to dirty tatters. Seriously, have you ever seen the state of some of those flags at car dealerships? It isn't about patriotism, it's about the commercialization of the flag.
  4. amen brother. i feel the same way.
  5. Carbin8r

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    At first I was thinking, "not more attempts to restrict freedom of speech/expression", but this *is* different...

    Businesses are not people and are/should-be subject to regulations that you or I would not. I see no Problem with this. We have dealer who fly the flag as well, but to show patriotism one installed a single very large pole and flies a single very large flag. That, I have no problem with.

    Dealerships with hundreds of damn flags are just profiteering and not trying to patriotioc. Whether or not I think what they do is right or wrong is immaterial. They are subject to regulation and so long as all dealers are treated the same I have no issue with it. If the town thinks it is too much, that is an acceptable standard.

    Now, again, this is for businesses. For indivudals, they would have to be demonstrated as creating a public nuisance. No rights are *absolute*...they are well and good until they infringe on the rights of others at which point a balance must be acheived.
  6. Why does it make you guys so mad that I fly USA Flags at my business? Advertising on the radio or television is much cheaper than the lighting and maintenance that is required to properly display our flag.

    I fly them to express my pride in our nation. I fly them to honor all who have sacrificed so much so I can live free.
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    Cause we're thinking of the hucksters that line their car lots with triple digits worth. Most of the time they just fly the cheapie plastic and polyester ones (ironically Made In China). It really burns me up, though, when they fly the actual official-quality cloth flags. They never take them in at night or when it rains. They just get dingy and tattered by months of weather exposure.

    I have no problem with those merchants that take in their flags in the evening and bad weather and treat them correctly, not like Xmas lights in July. When I still substitute taught in the 'troubled kid' class it was my responsibility to take one of the little heathens out before last bell each day and bring down/fold the flag. It was the only time of the day that the kids actually felt like they were doing something important.
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    What a load of crap.

    There can never be to many Red White and Blues flying ANYWHERE in this country.

    Particularly with the Liberal attitudes that are flying so hi in the country today.

    The more flags flying the better.
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    You'll see plenty of national flags in coutries like North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union, etc.

    When you feel you must fly the colors or be labeled as unpatriotic then you have a problem...and I have heard WAY too much of that kind of crap (lack of patriotism) over the past several years.
  11. I can't stand to see the American Flag abused the way it is. If you display a flag at night, you are REQUIRED by law to illuminate that flag during hours of darkness. If that flag becomes tattered, torn, soiled or in any other way is no longer pleasant to look at, it must be ceremonially burned and replaced. People don't respect our colors anymore, they use it as a marketing ploy.

    +1 to Hollywood FL.

  12. +1 million to you sir, you nearly read my mind.

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    Add another million from me I was taught from an early age treat the flag with respect or get my butt kicked [my dad was army WW2 vet] and never let him see the flag touch the ground or all Hades breaks loose
  14. I agree the piss poor treatment of flags is nothing short of disgusting. But there are plenty of people that own buisnesses that should have every right to fly their flags who do treat them right. Sounds to me alot like another debate we all know too well. A few idiots ruin it for the rest of us, so we try to ban it all together? Not the right solution in my book.
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    As someone pointed out, you're required by law to light the flags. I'm all for passing (and enforcing) laws on proper care and treatment of the flags, but banning them? HELL NO!!

    I can't believe so many so-called "patriots" here are for banning it. Disgusting!

    It's already illegal to kill people, which is why we don't need gun bans. The same applies for the flag.
  16. Mike_AZ

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    Do you mean besides the US flag code, Section 1 Title 4 of the United States Code?


    It is federal law, but there are no penalties for violating this law.
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    I stand corrected. I never realized, before now, that that law only applied to D.C.