Holster for my BG .380

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    I'm looking around at concealable holsters for my BG .380 since I expect my permit soon. CTD has a great price on a DeSantis pocket holster, until you add a $15 shipping charge. I'm going to call my LGS when I get the permit, but I'm wondering what's out there and what others recommend. IWB wouldn't work except in back, and I don't really want it there, although it worked for Zimmerman. Ideas?

  2. MaryB

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  3. I stick my bg.380 in my pocket no holster. Safety on. And nothing else in my pocket.

    I may try and make one if I get my hands on some soft leather this year. But I just don't like how bulky the only one I tried was.
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    I usually pocket carry unsing a simple Blackhawk of Stickey. I just can not warm to my trigger not being covered. Lately I have been using an IWB single clip style. I clip it inside my carry pocket. An idea I have gleaned from others who carry this way. The advantage is that it is very easy to get to, disadvantage is you can not wear tucked.
  5. It is covered.... by my pocket :)

    I feel safe with a 10lb. DAO pull. AND the safety on
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    Does it wear the letters off??:p I'd like to keep it in like new condition if I can. But, I like the idea of just shoving it in my pocked, adding more material just makes it bulkier. I'd like to try one of those pocket holsters though. I'll stop at a couple LGS's and see what they have.
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    I was mowing the lawn and my pocket gun was moving around quite a bit.
    Something made me aware something might be wrong and I gently pulled it out of my pocket with my fingers on the grip.
    Safety had moved to the fire position, grabbing it and getting a finger in the trigger guard could have caused a negligent discharge.
  8. greg_r

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    Another thing the pocket holster does is keeps it orientated.
  9. Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

    I use a new gun. Not a pawn shop rescue.
    Very tight safety in the bodyguard and very slim form. It was made for pocket carry.
    I have been carrying it like this for over a year. And never has the safety come off. Yes I check every day. When it goes in and comes out.

    Interesting an atheist says "something made me aware" not making this a religious thread. Just wondering where your sixth sense came from.

    And lastly. I don't do yard work with it. I have my single action hammer fired .410 for that.

    Do you live in the country swaga or do you always carry while mowing the lawn for 2 legged threats?
  10. SWAGA

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    Don't be dissing my pawn shop rescue.......
    I live in a city on a .28 acre corner lot with a little 1500sq ft house so plenty of yard to mow.
    We have snakes and the occasional larger critter. Dem dere 'coons carry rabies.......
    Even though I'm surrounded by blue collar Tea- Partiers I'm at peace with all of 'em lol.
    But we do have the occasional suspicious characters milling about.

    And my sixth sense?...... Because I'm psychic that's why ;)
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    Not SWAGA, but I always carry when mowing or doing other yard or garden work. Use it often just like any other tool. Copperheads to grounghogs, and it's easier to tote than a hoe.

    Blueharley, if you carry it will wear, kind of like your pocketknife or keys lettering will fade and edges will round. Don't worry, it gives it character. :)
  12. [​IMG]

    Letters still look good to me. I do see some of the coating comeing off the eges of the slide release. And safety. But it's all stainless. So no worries about rust from me.
  13. Here a snake is to small to hit with a pistol. There a pistol is probably not bug enough!
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    How big is the BG?

    My P3AT is pocket carried in one of two ways. Uncle Mikes number 4, or a homemade wallet holster, just a nylon wallet with one scissor cut.
    Either way, you get one finger to pull it out, which isn't fast draw style, but it's sufficient for my daily carry.

    One was about $15, one was $5.

    The no. 4, next to an iPod touch


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  15. I like the home made wallet holster. I don't know the dimensions. I'll have to look them up compared to the p3at
  16. bluharley

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    Calibers: .380 ACP Weight unloaded: 8.3 oz Loaded magazine: 2.8 oz
    Length: 5.2"
    Height: 3.5"
    Width: .77"
    Barrel Length: 2.7"
    Sight radius: 3.8"
    Muzzle Energy Max: 250ft-lbs
    Capacity: 6 + 1 rounds
    Trigger Pull: 5 lbs

    .380 ACP caliber
    Double action only semi automatic
    2.75" barrel
    6 rounds capacity
    Polymer frame
    Crimson Trace red laser sight
    Drift adjustable front and rear sights
    Overall length 5.25"
    Weight 12.3 oz
    Matte black

    Doesn't help much, I can't find the real dimensions.
    I measured mine:
    5 1/4 long
    4 1/4 high
    7/8 wide.
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