holster options for C9??

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  1. I was looking at the hi point holsters on their site, but the picture is not good, so I don't really know what it looks like, or how the gun sits in it exactly. Does anyone have one? If so, how do you like it? If you have pictures of yours, please post.

    Or recommend any brand and model if you like :wink:

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    For a C9, a great (and inexpensive) option is a Crosman air pistol holster. You can get them at Walmart for $6 and a C9 fits perfectly. It has the pocket on the front for an extra mag, has a snap closure as well as a QD buckle, and a large velcro attached loop for belt carry. I bought one for mine and it fits like it was made for it.
  3. Thanks, I will more than likely go with that. Can't beat $6, especially for something that fits it so well !
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    the Fobus Tactical paddle holster is pretty popular. My CF380 fits it beautifully. If you search the forum a bit you will find a lot of discussion about these. You can usually find 'em for about 20 bucks on e-bay.
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    Does anyone know where I can chek out this "Fobus" paddle holster? Also, does anyone know if the crossman holster at Wal-Mart will fit the HP380? Besides Uncle Mikes, what would be a descent inexpensive holster for my JHP45? Anyone that can help me out on any or all these issues I would very much apperciate it very much...Thanx for any help. :?
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    Thanx guys for the links,I'll go see what I can find. Thanx again for the help.
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    This is the one?
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    Here are some pictures of my C9 with the holster from HiPoint. My fobus paddle got lost in the mail and I still havent received the replacement.


    The mag holder is way way to long other than that its nice.
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    That one don't look too bad. It looks alot like the one I have from uncle mikes except for mine don't have the extra mag holder. If and when you get the Fobus post a pic so I can see how it fits b4 I invest in something that will end up collecting dust. Thanx
  10. I've got the same exact holster for my C9 as you do.. I got mine at a military surplus shop, and it does a fine job for me...
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    C9 Holster

    I use an "inside the pants" holster with a belt clip. This one runs around $10-$15. Weightless, noise-less, practical (no thumb snap), and the nylon material wicks away moisture/sweat (great for summer).

    P.S. - The belt clip can be moved to either side, make this holster right hand / Left hand capable.
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    Re: C9 Holster

    where can we find this holster online ?
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    Where to get inside the pants holster

    Got it off eBay... Search "Hi Point 9mm"

    When I first got it, it was a little tight for my C9, and the sights would catch when I drew the weapon... I just cut the first stitch with an x-acto knife, and now it fits PERFECT.
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    Thanks for the Ideas
  15. I highly recommend the Fobus very easy to conceal

  16. Me being left handed I cant find a paddle holster but I have a shoulder rig that works great. :)
  17. Thanks for the pic of the fobus I have been trying to find a picture of that holster. Off to order one now.