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I made the mistake of going by our local gunshop, and decided that I really need a HP in .40SW.
I like to have holsters for all of my handguns, and this will be no differant. So I'm looking for suggestions. After a quick look I found the plastic paddle holsters, but I want just a basic belt holster with either a flap or a thumb brake. This gun isn't for CC but for range and backup when hunting.

Suggestions? Is the form factor close enough to use a Glock holster? How about the military type. I didn't see anything in Cheeper than Dirt, but there are others out there.

Nylon would be OK.

Cheep fits right in.

I really need the .40 just in case the 995 dosn't do the Zombi in. :D


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I like that universal holster.
It's not real cheep, but leaves all options open. Chest carry would be good for backup when hunting here. Lot's of tree stand stuff in MO. And I think the .40 would be better than my C9.

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Check this out! I did a review a while ago on the crosman holster with various pistols including the hi point .40!!
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