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I made the mistake of going by our local gunshop, and decided that I really need a HP in .40SW.
I like to have holsters for all of my handguns, and this will be no differant. So I'm looking for suggestions. After a quick look I found the plastic paddle holsters, but I want just a basic belt holster with either a flap or a thumb brake. This gun isn't for CC but for range and backup when hunting.

Suggestions? Is the form factor close enough to use a Glock holster? How about the military type. I didn't see anything in Cheeper than Dirt, but there are others out there.

Nylon would be OK.

Cheep fits right in.

I really need the .40 just in case the 995 dosn't do the Zombi in. :D


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Check this out! I did a review a while ago on the crosman holster with various pistols including the hi point .40!!
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