Holy camouflage Batman!

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  1. That's just ridiculous! :shock: :D
  2. Sago

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    It is well knowen that if you keep enough animals of any kind in to small area the will go insane. Humans are the only animals that does this voluntary. The Japs have finally proved this.
  3. Thayldt21

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    That is just stupid. One of the dumber ideas people comeup with.
    But hey people by dumber things. Xstens anyone
  4. Everyone picture with me the scene of hilarity that would ensue if the assailaint found his victim hiding inside a coke-tent. :D That would be one beating even the police would be laughing at too hard to stop. Some Triad Crime Syndicate Ninja Wannabe kicking the crap out of an inflatable coke machine with legs sticking out of it. That'd be more fun than watching somebody beat up an annoying mascot. Or Barney.

    Hopefully that a video of that will be on youtube inside a year.

  5. Huggy

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    I almost wet myself when I got to the part about the "manhole bag".
    Are we friggin' Loony Tunes?! Why not just toss out your pocket sized re-usable peel-n-stick hole, and let the potential mugger fall into that? :lol:
  6. You have to at least hide your feet. Anyway, what a terrible idea. I sure hope you can see out of the dang thing once its deployed. Otherwise, the crook will be able to blindside you AND you will be confined by the stupid thing.
  7. billybybose

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    +1 Hugster on the manhole :lol: This from the land of the samurai is a dang shame.Theres prolly dudes all over tokyo stabbing themselves in the gut because of the indignity :lol:
  8. Those things are $800 a piece too! $800 bucks to be the biggest laughing stock on your block!
  9. Wellllllllllllllllll, now, you could find concealment inside the coke machine with your .45ACP. Here comes mugger, *BANG* and the headlines read, "Unidentified Coke machine wearing New Balance sneakers shoots mugger in the park! Then walks away in direction of food court whistling!"
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: Man, that brought tears to my eyes!
  11. Fox

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    Well let's say your being chased by a crazy Perp.. and you slip out of view and Bam!!! deploy.. your Coke Machine suit!! Now the Perp can't find you but is Parched after Chasing your sorry ass for 3 blocks and decides to drop some coin in that stupid suit your wearing, cause he saw the Bill Cosby special and wants to have a Coke and A Smile.... now what.. :? time for an ass Kicking..
  12. You bet. Kick his arse then stuff him inside the coke machine suit...then go to the food court for a pretzelk with mustard.
  13. Yeah well everyone said the pet-rock was dumb also and that guy made millions.......do you have any idea how many noise-makers you could buy with that kinda dough?
  14. Thayldt21

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    That would be why I said people have bought dumber things.

    Think of all the Penis inlargment pills and cream or what ever.
    If the stuff worked it would be standard issue in High School. :lol:

    And yet these companies stilll rack up a killin.

  15. Wait a minute that stuff doesnt work :oops: :cry: ...............................