Holy Crap Video Taped Home Invasion

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  1. Did you guys see the CNN news piece on the attempted home invasion caught on security cameras. The single lady was armed with an AR/M16 type weapon. In my opinion she gave the guys too much opportunity. I would have unloaded right through the door and at least taken one of them out. The rest would have got the hint.

  2. Just watch CNN Headlines. They re-run about every 45 minutes or so.
  3. Oh, well, then I wished I could have a TV at work. :cry:
  4. LOL sorry, I work from home at a computer. Believe me its not as good as it sounds.
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    A link would be nice, I work from home at the computer too, but don't do cable. I already have enough crap on TV to watch.
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    searched all over cnn and can't find a single thing to streaming video. Link please!
  7. that is a great story, thanks. I hope to catch CCN's slant on it if possible.

    Thank God she didn't just start blasting when she saw a shadow - "how did you know they were going to break in? You didn't know yet you killed one of them" B/S..... I can hear it now.

    Good for her and let's pray God stays involved and keeps her and her family safe.
  8. Good to see she takes her security seriously! She might want to think about a basic pistol course or a home security shooting course?????? That whole possitive id thing and all.
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    Good for her!

    I wanted to see a woman weilding an AR, couldnt find any pictures. the woman says she grabbed her handgun though.
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    Thanks for the link, how crazy. We've had a surge in home invasions here lately too, seems to be a nationwide trend.

    At least she was prepared and ready to do what she needed. Looks like with that AR she'll be even more ready next time.
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  12. [​IMG]
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    These kinds of things make me sick, and I'm getting more and more accurate with my .45acp shooting JHP lawman ammunition. I truly feel for the guy on the receiving end.
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    Excellent thread! Good on her for the steps she took for her own protection, and had the guts to not be a victom. Kudos to her.
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    She was NOT armed with the AR/M16 type weapon, all she had was a handgun, she purchased that weapon after the fact for more protection.

    Good for her though, but I would probably would of gone to the front door, opened that little peep hole, and took some shots.