Holy high prices Bat Man!

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    So today I was at the local gun shop on my lunch checking things out. I must confess that I do believe they are smoking crack in the back before they price firearms.

    A few examples I found.

    A rather beat to snot AK-47(unsure which variant) $590.00

    Used SKS $375.00

    A Mossy for $275.00

    Than what made me chuckle is they had a Remington 700 for $619, and a Savage 110 for $620. When right now Wal-Mart has them for under $400.

    The guys in the gun shop are nice, but not that nice. The only thing that I could think of that would explain the pricing is the guns are in the shop on consignment and that the owners are wanting that much?

    Anyways, I was pretty shocked at some of it.
  2. 47_MasoN_47

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    Woah that's pretty crazy. I know some AK variants go for pretty high, but even those will go for pretty cheap if they are in bad shape. Maybe those guys are counting on people not shopping around for prices and just buying it there if they find what they want.

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    I think just about everything is going up, there are still deals out there, but a lot of the prices are just crazy. I was shocked to see the price of a couple used Mini 14s, they weren't brand new and showed it and the wanted just about the same price as a new one. Makes me wonder if the coming elections have a lot of people worried and the prices are reflecting increased interest in all guns. I know I am a little worried about a ban in the future and thats got me looking a lot more.
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    Sounds like Gun show prices to me! :lol:
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    Alot of it has to do with the increase in the interest in shooting sports. It's easy to gouge a middle management newbie when he sees that "Tacti-Cool" AR-15 that he's ALWAYS seen in the movies or that .44 Mag that Dirty Harry has and charge 20 to 30 percent over market value, because the guy (or girl) is shopping in the same way many shop for a motorcycle or sports car: They're going for the looks. Info on performance, price, durability and such don't matter, as long as they can get the big impressive gun that holds LOTS of bullets.

    Good example: My AFLAC insurance rep was by my theater the other day, and he said he was looking at buying a gun and he heard I was an enthusiast, and wanted some advice. I was more than happy to help, and asked him what he wanted to do with the firearm. He looked at me confused...then I asked "Ok, what I mean is: What is it's purpose? Target shooting? Defence? Hunting?"

    His response? "Oh, I want a handgun. A big one. One that holds LOTS of bullets!" This guy has a masters degree??? :roll:

    I asked him if he had done any research and he said "Oh I already found the one I want, but I just want to make sure it's a good gun." I asked him what he found and he said"

    "Well the guy at the shop said this was THE best and that if I got any of the brands you were talking about, like Hi-Point or Taurus, that they'd probably blow up. So, I thought since I was new, it's $700 well spent! Besides, he said it was a special police edition, so I couldn't go wrong with safety, and it holds like twice what those other guns would!"

    He had already put a deposit on a Glock 17!!!!! For $700!!!!

    Gun shops prey on the uninformed. I pretty much attribute these guys to used car dealers: You find your one or two that you will send friends and family to year after year, but on the average, they're out to screw you if you don't come armed with information.
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    That's a great story! I'd be glad to sell him my C-9 for $500.

    "...insurance rep..."
    Just another name for a Used Car Dealer.

    "...This guy has a masters degree???..."
    Some of the dumbest people I ever met were "educated" and some of the smartest were not.
  7. Uraijit

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    Did that include "lots of bullets"? ...like, 1500 or so?
  8. Silicon Wolverine

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    ive known college educated folks that honestly did not know what end of a gun bullets came out of. Heck i knew a guy once that spent two years in mechanics school and when he hired on to the shop didnt know which way to spin an oil filter on or off.

  9. AndrewST

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  10. JasonJ

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    please tell me that you set your insurance rep guy straight? told him how overpriced that was and that if he bought ANY gun without maybe shooting it first he was stoopid?
  11. neothespian

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    I SERIOUSLY suggested that he take his deposit off that gun ASAP and come out shooting with us to learn the physics of shooting. I also suggested, since he finally determined that he wanted one for self defence that he might look into an inexpensive shotgun such as the Maverick. I'm still waiting for a respnonse from the email (it's been about a week), but my offer still stands.

    Hopefully he'll be sensible about it....hate to see a nice enough fellow loose out because of a lack of information.
  12. I couldn't believe how high prices could be until me an el went to a local gun store yesterday. I haven't been to one in a long time so the prices were way out of my league. But I did see 3 Hi-Points there and they were kind of high I thought.

    C-9 - $189.00
    JP - $210.00
    JHP - $219.00

    I didn't see any carbines though.

    edit: Forgot to say that when I saw them I said, "Cool... Hi-Points." The salesman said "Yeah, but you wouldn't want to rely on them for shooting every week." Before I could ask him why he was already walking away. I did buy some rounds for my M44's though.
  13. You definitely have to shop around. Our "Rodeo Drive" store was selling a Beretta 92FS for 749.00!! I bought mine at a different store for 495.00. Also, They were selling Saiga rifles for 599.00 and up after I got mine for 295.00 at a different store. You have to do research and shop around. Yeah, they gouge you on High-Points too!!!