Holy magazines Batman!

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  1. holy magazines batman...ohh wait you said that already.

    If those were 40's i'd be all over that.

  2. yah i though wow i am gettin g some mags then i relised there are not 995 mags...............
  3. Mordecai

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    damn, they're C9, not 995, I woulda bid at least $100, cuz thats only 5 apiece
  4. Sakdog

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    I just bid er up to 97 dollars.. Im still not the winner.. Wow what a cool lot though... Im tempted to bid some more. I could shoot all day with them puppys.
  5. Mike_AZ

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  6. Ridge

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    Not very good English for Indiana...

  7. He might be from a different country or something, you never know. We are a melting pot after all.

    Or he could be a hick, we are not known for our proper use of the Queen's english ;)
  8. I wonder where he got so many used HP magazines
  9. Silicon Wolverine

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    dealer. Swipes the extra mags from trade in guns. Local guy does the same thing for every gun he sells or buys.

  10. Silicon Wolverine

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    how about this one?


    I wonder if HP would reassemble them onto new frames?


    ETA Check out some of the parts kits this guy has. Must be a evidence gun buyer near as i can tell. FYI thats a guy that buys weapons used in crimes that have to be destroyed by law. He cuts the frames and takes all the parts to sell in kits like these.

  11. everyone needs an extra dozen mags laying around
  12. Ya or you could watch his actions he might sell a set of 4 frames later.....
  13. I don't think so. They recently repaired a badly damaged 995 for me, and I was told before I sent it that they'd honor the warranty as long as the serial number was legible. No frame = no serial number.
  14. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    I was more thining assembling ym parts onto new frames and paying them for the frames type deal.

  15. I doubt if they would sell you just the frames, but the parts would be good to have as spares in case gun laws go bad on us, or for someone that wants to experiment and see what kind of bling they can come up with ;)
  16. rodka

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    wish i had a c9 right about now. :D
  17. Gramps

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    "for one money" is an oft used phrase in auctions. Simply means getting mutiple items for one price. They put 1 up for bid and after bidding is over will sell anyone more "for one money".
  18. GlockMan

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    I'M thinking these are from a major city Police Department where the frames are destroyed but they sell all the other remaining parts in lots at city auctions or too local FFL's. Thats why all the gun parts and magazines.