Holy Rarity!

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    Woa...nice looking pistol.

    There is a company here in Oregon that produces ammo that isn't made anymore by factories. They can pretty much load anything you want.

  3. Yea, that crap is EXPENSIVE! The brass alone I've seen for as much as $2.00 each.
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    Introduced in the mid 1980's. It wasn't around very long and wasn't very popular, even then. It was derived from the .41 Magnum revolver cartridge, which you don't see much now, either. It kinda went the way of the 45 Winchester Magnum.

    Cartridges come and go. You never know which new one will succeed. I never thought the 40S&W would be successful, when 10mm was all the rage. I'll stick to the tried and true .45ACP.
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    they also made a few desert eagle barrels in .41 AE

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    Here is another very rare pistol a Singer 1911 value around 25k

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    dunno about that caliber, but hey made a bunch of 38 s&w for my Victory revolver. I got 500 rds of quality ammo for about $175 shipped.

    call and ask